"Extracurricular involvement has a strong positive impact on social self-concept." - Pascarella and Terenzini

Research done by Texas A&M University found that 71% of college students say their involvement contributes very strongly to their overall college experience. With over 150 student organizations in 11 different categories, you're sure to find an organization to get involved in here at the University of West Georgia.

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Student Organization Categories
  • Departmental/Educational: Supported by University departments and promote development in a particular academic area
  • Honorary: Recognizes high levels of academic achievement and can require a demonstrated interest in a particular career or academic discipline
  • International/Cultural: Fosters cultural diversity and support for their members and the University community
  • Political: Supports political parties, political issues, and/or candidates seeking office
  • Professional: Provides students with a preview of their anticipated professional careers
  • Recreational: Promotes sports oriented or recreational opportunities
  • Religious: Serves as support for students of a particular religious persuasion, denomination, or belief
  • Service: Provides volunteers for on- and off-campus projects
  • Social Fraternities and Sororities: Belongs to one of the nationally chartered social greek governing councils: National Pan-Hellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, Multicultural Greek Council
  • Special Interest: Focuses on a specific issue or topic
  • Student Governance: Addresses student needs, expresses student views, and/or assists the University or departments in decision making