Logging Into OrgSync

OrgSync is UWG's new web-based system to help you connect to campus and find ways to get involved. Simply use your current UWG username and password to log in today and check out all of information OrgSync gives you access to. 

5 Reasons to Use OrgSync

  1. Find upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.
  2. Search for and join student organizations, or start your own.
  3. Track your involvement and service hours.
  4. Follow your involvement history and use reports to build your resume.
  5. Connect with campus departments and stay plugged into news, events and opportunities.

OrgSync 101

  • Community: Refers to our university. When logging into OrgSync, if asked to select your Community, search for and select University of West Georgia.
  • Community Home: Refers to the landing page you are directed to after logging in. To get back to the Community Home, click on the OrgSync logo in the top left corner.
  • Community Calendar: Refers to the Events tab on the Community Home. This calendar will show events and volunteer opportunities for departments across campus.
  • Portal: Refers to the page of a student organization, department, or service partner where you can submit a membership request and access their description, events, information and more.
  • Umbrella: Refers to a classification of portals in our community. For example, the Housing and Residence Life umbrella houses all of our residence hall portals.
  • User Drawer: Refers to the menu that appears when you click on your name or picture in the top right corner. Through the User Drawer, you can access your messages, personal profile, involvement history and more.