Leadership To Go is a leadership development program designed for UWG student leaders.

Leadership Workshops

These workshops are designed to fit in with and complement the busy schedule and lifestyle of the UWG leader. Workshops are no longer than an hour long, giving you valuable yet concise information which leaders can use immediately. Topics encompass the wide range of skills and information needed to be a successful leader. Workshops are available in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

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What are Leadership Tracks?

A Leadership Track is a certain grouping of workshops and activities that provide leadership development in a specific area. After the completion of a Leadership Track, participants receive a certificate and are recognized at the Student Achievement Awards program held each Spring. Tracks are available in both the Fall and Spring semesters and can be customized at request based on students, staff, and faculty needs.

Questions about Leadership To Go?

Email Khalis Thomas (kthomas@westga.edu) with additional questions or to find out how to bring a leadership workshop to your organization's meeting or retreat.

Connect on Wolf Connect for up-to-date information on workshops, times, and locations, as they are available.

Leadership Tracks

The Emerging Leadership Track is designed for students who want to get more involved on campus and learn the basics of leadership.

Workshops Topics

  • Get Connected to UWG
  • Time Management
  • Leadership 101
  • Servant Leadership

Involvement Activities

The Personal Leadership Track is designed for students who want to explore and understand their personal leadership style and strengths.

Workshop Topics

  • True Colors
  • Communication Styles
  • Stress Management
  • Values Congruence
  • Leading with Integrity

The Organizational Leadership Track is designed for current or emerging organization leaders who want to learn more about best practices for running a successful organization. Students not involved in an organization who want to learn more about leading others are also welcome to participate.

Workshop Topics

  • Member Recruitment & Retention
  • Team Building
  • Motivation & Recognition
  • Situational Leadership
  • Delegation
  • Event Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership Transition

The Greek Leadership Track is designed for current members of the UWG Fraternity and Sorority Life community and will explore topics and provide leadership development essential to current and future leaders of fraternity and sorority chapters.

Workshop Topics

  • History & Perceptions of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Motivation & Recognition
  • Risk Management
  • Social Media 101
  • Social Change Model
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership Transition