Our meal plans are convenient, easy to use, and a great value. Don't believe us? Here's what some of our students say about their meal plans.

Why do you have a meal plan?

Student in Dining Hall
"It saves money. I have something to eat every day." -  Samir, Senior, Residential (Wolves)

"I love to eat! I live on campus, so it's convenient. The buffet is not the same thing every day, it's
something different."- Nathan, Sophomore, Residential (All Access)

"I don't have to make it myself!" - Andrea, Sophomore, Residential (Wolves)

"The choices - you can get as much as you want! You can get something different at every station."
- Sara, Sophomore, Residential (Wolves)

"It’s easier to have a meal plan when living on campus. A lot more convenient. It's easier than cooking."
- Tristen, Junior, Residental (Wolves)

"I don't like cooking." - Aiden, sophomore, Commuter (Wolves)

"It’s easier because I live on campus. I like Chick-fil-A. I use dining dollars because it's convenient."
- Taylor, Sophomore, Residential (All Access)

"I live on campus, so it's convenient. I don't want to cook. Ever." - Julia, Senior, Residential (All Access)

"Convenient and easy access." - Destiny, Senior, Commuter (Flex 7)

"I like my meal plan. The dining dollars really help with food variety. The Retail Combo Swipes are the best!" -Rickia, Sophomore, Residential (Flex Deluxe)

"Instant access to food in the snap of a finger. When you're on campus you can always go get some. You can come in to study and snack at the same time. Plenty of help and refreshments." - Jayden, Sophomore, Residential (Wolves)

"Too poor for groceries. My refrigerator is empty. All I have is jelly and cheese. We don't even have peanut butter, we just making jelly sandwiches." - JR, Sophomore, Residential (Wolves)

Student in Dining Hall


"It's convenient and easier to have in between classes. It doesn't cost that much." - Rahsaan, Sophomore,
      Residential (Wolves)

     "Fits my schedule better because I'm on campus a lot." - Jarod, Junior, Commuter (Block plan)

     "It's just better than having to spend money every day just to go get something. There are so many options 
     here." - Michelle, Sophomore, Residential (All Access)

     "I have a block and I cook at home. I come here for breakfast and lunch while I'm on campus." - Victoria,
      Sophomore, Commuter (Block plan)

      "I'm here during lunch and it's so much easier to eat lunch here than to go all the way home or spend $$." 
      - Grace, Sophomore, Commuter (Budget)

     "It is easier just to eat here than make my lunch from home." - Jasmin, Sophomore, Commuter (Block plan)

     "I can eat whenever, and there is a variety of food every day." - Mary, Sophomore, Residential (All Access)

     "I don't eat that much, and this is cheaper." - Alexis, Sophomore, Residential (Flex 7)

     "I'm a commuter, and it's easier to eat on campus, especially when I'm here all day."
     - Jane, Senior, Commuter (Block plan)

"I'm broke. I don't have money. I don't always have time to go back to my residence hall and cook something up. I need a quick meal. It's also nice for social gatherings and discussions."- Sydnee, Sophomore, Residential (Budget)

"It's the one I had last year and it works out. It's sufficient."- Clay, Sophomore, Residential (Wolves)

"I live in a residence hall with no kitchen, so it's difficult to cook. I think this meal plan is really worth it." - Kayla, Sophomore, Residential (Wolves)

"I stay on campus, so it's easier to have a meal plan." - Darius, Sophomore, Residential (Flex Deluxe)

"I get to eat every day." - Mckinnley, Sophomore, Residential (Flex 7)

"I have this, so I don't have to drive to eat." -  Ivy, Sophomore, Residential. (Wolves)

"It is affordable, and it offers access to many food choices. I can only cook cereal." - Christopher, Junior, Residential (Wolves)

"I’m on campus between classes, and I can stop in and get lunch."- MorgTwo students in Dining Hallan, Sophomore, Commuter (Block plan)

"I can get food really quickly between classes." - Ansley, Sophomore, Residential (All Access)

"I like my meal plan. I live here, so it makes sense to have a meal plan." - Brian, Sophomore, Residential (Flex Deluxe) 

"If I lived on campus, I would get All Access for the swipes."- Jamie, Freshman, Residential 

"I don't have a kitchen, and I don't have time to cook meals in between classes. I like to eat because if I don't eat, I'll get cranky." - Alondra, Sophomore, Residential (Wolves)

"I like that you pay upfront, so I don't have to pay every time I want to eat. It's cost-efficient!" 
- Justin, Senior, Commuter (Flex Deluxe)

"I have a meal plan because I'm broke. I try to eat here every day to save money." - Tashaiyah, Sophomore, Residential (Flex 7)

"I can't cook. And even if I could cook, I still wouldn't do it every day. Having a meal plan is just easier." -Mitchell, Sophomore, Commuter (Flex 7)

"Even if I stay off-campus, I would still have a meal plan. My schedule is very busy, and to have it here is easier than cooking." - Sally, Junior, Residential (All Access)