The AAMI First-Year Program or AAMI Learning Community (AAMI-LC) helps African-American male students adjust academically and socially to college life.

Students are enmeshed in an environment of mutual support designed to foster academic success. During fall and spring semesters of their freshman year, students enroll in and attend common core courses together, including UWG 1101. Merging educational and social activities allows students to make friends easily, establish study partners, and develop positive connections with faculty, which increases chances of success. The AAMI-LC increases opportunities for students to get involved on and off-campus (e.g., student organizations, community service, and more). 

Students' academic progress is monitored by Ms. Cheryl Thomas Hill. Attempts are made to address issues impacting student success whether it is academic, vocational, or personal/social as soon as they become known. In addition, AAMI-LC students receive individualized mentoring through the AAMI Peer Mentoring Program.

Special Instructions:

AAMI First-Year Program participants are selected prior to classes beginning for the FALL term. Students must enroll in the fall because the duration of the program is one full year (August - April). To enroll, students must meet the following criteria:

1) Meet minimum 2.7 high school grade point average. Potential participants are identified and personally written by Ms. Cheryl Thomas Hill after students meet all requirements to be officially admitted to the University. *Students who do not meet the GPA requirement are welcome to contact Ms. Hill for more information about participation. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis.

2) Complete and return an interest form.

3) Complete interview process. It is highly recommended that parent(s) and/or guardian(s) participate in the interview with their student(s). 

4) Must enroll in UWG 1101 and take required courses of the AAMI-LC.

5) Expected to meet expectations of program and be committed to program goals.

While helpful in determining interest, it is important to understand that selecting "African-American Male Initiative" (AAMI-LC) as one of your top three choices for your first-year program when completing registration for Freshmen Orientation, completing this information on the online registration form for Orientation does not guarantee participation. Participation is determined by the AAMI Program.

Students and parents interested in learning more about the AAMI and the first-year program are welcome to call 678-839-5941 or send an email message by clicking on "Ask AAMI" under "Request Information".