UWG Book Discussion

Designed to promote intercultural communication, education and awareness, through the reading and discussion of various books about various cultures.

Fall Book Discussion: Finding Samuel Lowe: Three successful African American siblings from Harlem discover their heritage while searching for clues about their long-lost grandfather, Samuel Lowe. Their emotional journey spans from Toronto to Jamaica to China, reuniting them with hundreds of Chinese relatives they never imagined existed. Join the conversation at 12 noon on Friday, December 1, 2017, in Row Hall 212 E. Free pizza and drink.

Spring Book Discussion - April 2, 2018: Campus Center Ballroom at 7:00 p.m. Featuring renowned author Anthony Grooms and his work, Bombingham. "From the war-torn rice fields of Vietnam to the riot-filled streets of Birmingham, Alabama, "Bombingham is the affecting story of a middle-class black family riven by its personal chaos. When Walter Burke is faced with writing a letter to the parents of a fallen friend and fellow soldier, he is taken back to his childhood amidst the Civil Rights Movement. From it, he recalls the segregated city, the fledgling movement, and the momentous responsibility to act."