Welcome, Dr. Stacy Boyd, UWG Interim Chief Diversity Officer

sboydThe University welcomes and congratulates Dr. Stacy Boyd for his appointment to the interim position of Chief Diversity Officer. Because we are awaiting a new president, it is Dr. Crafton’s desire to provide the new president with choices for permanent appointments, hence the interim nature of the position.

Dr. Stacy Boyd has a very long association with the University of West Georgia, both as a student and as a faculty member.  During his career he has worked in both Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.  He has his doctorate in African-American literature and Women's Studies from Emory University. 

He is now a tenured associate professor of English, the director of the Africana Studies program, and associate chair of the English Department.  As a teacher, he was honored by his students and department with the Robert Reynolds Excellence in Teaching award.  

Dr. Boyd is known not only for his remarkable skills in critical analysis, narrative and rhetoric, but also as a kind and caring colleague and teacher.   

Please give Dr. Boyd your support and good wishes as begins his new responsibility as Interim Chief Diversity Officer.