Whether you are in need of a quick program now or a training later, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion is glad to support you.

Programs to Go

These programs are a dynamic and experiential and are ready to deliver. Due to schedules, we ask that you provide advanced notice when scheduling these programs.

  • Diversity Awareness and YOU: Learn about all the areas of diversity and UWG campus diversity  
  • Stereotypes: Expose stereotypes and the importance of communicating effectively. Explore personal biases.
  • Navigating a Diverse Campus: Learn how to make the most of your diverse college experience
  • Intercultural Leadership: Interested in learning about Intercultural Leadership? Join Leadership to Go: Global Leadership Track

Training Series

These programs are more in depth and can be one to two hours. They are designed for faculty, staff, and student leaders and require more preparation time to meet the needs of the audience.

  • Keep It Real: Thought provoking diversity board game catering to small groups and discussion
  • Game of LIFE: Stimulates thought as individuals, navigates various aspects of life: Education, employment, housing, financial needs, commodities, /consumer goods, and law enforcement.
  • What Does Cultural Competencies Really Mean? Explores daily interactions and personal biases that may impede communication resulting in a tense environment (implicit biases).
  • Customized training sessions for your team!