UWG 1101 is a course offered to first-year students in order to ease your transition into college life and inform you of the resources that are available at UWG. This course will lead you through all aspects of college life, from learning responsibility in your new freedom as a college student, to improving your writing and critical thinking skills, to understanding the various teaching methods your college professors might use in the classroom.

UWG 1101 puts you on the “fast-track” to college success. This course covers topics most relevant to you, including:

  • How do I balance classes, homework, friends, work, and family?
  • What do college professors really expect from me?
  • Maintaining emotional, mental, and physical health
  • How do I get the most out of my time?
  • What careers are available for me?
  • Where/how do I get involved on campus?
  • What are the secrets to making good grades?

Who should take UWG 1101?

Any major may take UWG1101 and sections are offered that suit a variety of schedule needs. UWG1101 is a 2-credit hour, graded course that counts towards a students’ GPA and also as credit hours towards a degree.

  • Emerging Leaders*
  • Multicultural Achievement Program (MAP) mentoring for minority students*
  • Science and math majors
  • Students interested in LGBTQ topics
  • Student athletes and more!

*These first-year programs are part of a larger university program that offers continued support and opportunities for students throughout their UWG career.

Download Sample Syllabus here.