• Are the apartments fully furnished?

    Yes. Each bedroom has a closet, desk, dresser, desk chair and extra long twin bed. The living room has a sofa, chair, end table and TV stand.

  • Is there a dishwasher in the kitchen?

    Yes. Each room comes equipped with a dishwasher.

  • Can members of the opposite sex be roommates?

    No, sorry.

  • Is it just a shower, or is it a shower/bath?

    It is a shower.

  • Do we decide on which room in the apartment we get to live in? Or do the doors have numbers or letters and someone from Residence Life chooses it for us?

    Each room is labeled with a letter (A,B,C,D). You can request which bedroom you want if you like.

  • Is there a bus stop by the apartments?

    Yes. There is one on each end of the complex.

  • Is there parking close to the buildings?

    Yes, there is a fairly large lot on the Tyus (south) end of the complex and a smaller lot on the Z-6 (north) end. You can also park in Z-6 parking lot designated for West Campus Residents.

  • When you state there are "Individual ... (local telephone, cable TV, high speed Ethernet connections)," do you mean that there will be access to Internet, and cable and a telephone line in each room?

    Yes. Each bedroom will have its own telephone line, Ethernet port, and cable hook-up.

  • Are the telephone, cable, and Internet all included in the rent?

    Yes. When you pay your rent, that’s it. You won’t receive additional bills for water or power either. Your rent truly is all-inclusive when you live in Arbor View.

  • What is it about Arbor View that makes the price so much higher than other halls?

    Actually, if you consider all you are getting for your money, the apartments are a very good deal. Consider a private room in a traditional hall. The current private room rate for one of those is $2,200 ($1650 + $550). That does not include a semi-private bathroom, your own kitchen and living room. A four-bedroom apartment at $2,390 with kitchen, living room and semi-private bath is a very good value.

  • Would the cost of the apartment be covered in the housing part of our financial aid?

    Yes, as long as your award is sufficient to cover the entire cost.

  • Is the rent a monthly fee, or is it two set payments like the other halls?

    Yes, there are two payments, one for each semester during the year. The contract is a ten month contract.

  • Is there anyway we can sublet the apartment over the summer?

    We will allow your contract to be transferred to another student, but this process must take place through the Residence Life Office. This option is limited by the number of students interested in taking over contracts, so it is NOT guaranteed that everyone wishing to sublet will be able to do so.

  • Can I choose my apartment mates?

    Yes. We will make every effort to group individuals according to their request.

  • Can I live in the apartments for only one semester?

    No. The contract will be for a full year regardless of your enrollment status.