The University of West Georgia has a First Time in College Residency Requirement, therefore, these cancellation policies do not apply to Freshman Residential students.

If you would like to request to cancel your housing contract, please submit this Release of Housing form. Please note, once a housing contract has been signed, it becomes a legal and binding contract with the University of West Georgia to rent space on campus. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive a response from a Housing and Residence Life staff member, as your appeal will be reviewed by an appeals committee. You will be contacted through your student email address once the appeals committee has reviewed and decided on your request.

Should you have any questions or concerns during this process, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Release of Housing Contract (Please read all of the following information):

Notification of the decision will be sent to the contract holder’s University email account. All decisions of the Housing Appeals Committee will be final.

The following conditions, when coupled with required supporting documentation, constitute acceptable conditions for a Release of Contract Request.

  • Graduating (Verification from Registrar)
  • Marriage (Marriage Certificate Required)
  • Birth of a child by the enrolled student (Birth Certificate Required)
  • Participation in a University-sponsored Study Abroad, Student teaching, or internship program that requires off-campus residency. (Letter from acceptance into a study abroad program, internship enrollment, or teaching requirements should be provided).
  • Called to military service (Copy of deployment or transfer papers).
    The untimely death of the student or an immediate family member (parent/guardian, sibling) within the contractual period.
  • Contracts for students who withdraw or otherwise do not enroll will be placed into inactive contract status, and their enrollment status will be verified each academic term/session within the contract period. Such students will not be assigned or will be removed from their assignment once non-enrollment is verified. Should the student move into their assignment and then withdraw from the University, they will be responsible for housing charges (including, but not limited to time in room).

Students who are granted release from their contract will not be charged a cancellation fee but will be responsible for rental charges and social fees for any occupancy of the residence hall room.

Appeal of Housing Contract for Reasons Not Listed Above

If a student's circumstances do not fall within these conditions, they may still submit the Release of Contract Request Form. The request will be presented to and reviewed by a Housing Appeals Committee. The student must demonstrate that a significant life change has occurred and has altered the student's ability to comply with the contract requirements. Such changes must be accompanied by substantial documentation including, but not limited to: tax records, court orders, insurance claims, etc. All supporting documentation should be attached to the Release of Contract Request Form for review by the committee. Without supporting documentation, the student’s request will automatically be denied.

Should the request be based on a medical or accessibility situation, the student should contact and work with the University’s Accessibility Services department.

The Housing Appeals Committee will meet regularly and will consist of representative faculty and staff members from the University of West Georgia. Please allow at least two weeks for committee decisions to be sent to the student via UWG email.

If the appeal is granted, the below cancellation fees may/will apply.

Fall Cancellation Deadlines

On or before February 1No Cancellation Fee
Feb. 2 - May 1$250
May 2 - July 1$500
After July 1$1500

Spring Cancellation Deadlines

On or before Nov. 1No Cancellation Fee
Nov. 2 - Dec. 1$500
After Dec. 1$1500

*Note: students who signed a contract for the Spring 2024 term are subject to the Spring 2024 cancellation fee timeline regardless of when they start living on campus. The Fall 2024 Cancellation Fee Timeline is for students signing a new housing contract for the Fall 2024 semester.