• Are freshman year students required to live on campus their first year at UWG?

    Yes. Because of the many positive educational and personal benefits that can be gained from living in a residence hall, the University of West Georgia has instituted a Freshmen Residency Requirement. This requirement states that all freshmen must reside on campus for two semesters or until they have earned 30 credit hours of course work.

  • Are there any exceptions to the Residency Requirement?

    No. Waivers are available for students living with a parent or guardian and commuting from an approved commuting town. Exemptions may be granted for married students or students over 21 years of age. Waiver/Exemption forms are available as a downloadable PDF or may be obtained by contacting the Residence Life Office at 678-839-6426 or via email housing@westga.edu.

    Print and mail your NOTARIZED copy of the form to:

    Housing & Residence Life
    University of West Georgia
    1601 Maple St.
    Carrollton, GA 30118

  • How much does it cost to live on campus?

    The cost of residing in all of our residence halls vary. For the room rates can be found here.

  • Do I have to purchase a meal plan?

    Freshmen: Yes

    Upperclassmen: No

    All freshman students who are bound by the residency requirement must purchase a meal plan. Inquiries about the meal plan should be directed to the Office of Auxiliary Services at 678-839-6525.

  • How can I decide which residence hall is best suited for me?

    The Housing web site has links to each hall that contain a brief description of the hall, a typical floor plan and pictures of a typical room. Residence Hall tours are conducted as a part of the UWG Preview Days each semester.

  • What type of rules and regulations are there?

    In order to insure that an atmosphere conducive to effective living and learning exists, there are policies and procedures, which govern living in the residence halls. The Residence Life Handbook is available on the Residence Life web site. It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with all the policies and procedures that are in the handbook. Attendance at the first floor and hall meetings is important in order to learn all the rules that govern the residence halls.

  • Is smoking allowed in the residence hall?

    No. Smoking is not allowed in any residence hall or anywhere else on campus. For more information check out the University System of Georgia's tobacco free campus policy here.

  • What types of amenities are offered in the halls and rooms?

    The rooms are equipped with two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets. All residence halls are air-conditioned. Each room is equipped with a phone jack and is wired for local phone service. Students should furnish their own phone and should also provide his/her long distance service. Call waiting, call forwarding and three way calling are also a part of the phone service. Caller ID is also provided however students must provide their own caller ID device.

    Each room is also wired for cable TV reception. Basic cable service is included in the room charge. Students may purchase additional premium service from the local cable TV company. As a special amenity, the Department of Housing and Residence Life also provides a special movie and special programming channel specifically for UWG residence hall students called ResView. This channel shows recently released movies, original programming and university announcements.

    Each room also provides direct Internet access for each student. This allows both students to have computers and access the Internet without tying up the phone lines!

    All of the above mentioned amenities are included in the price of the residence hall room.

  • What if I need special accommodations?

    Students who require special accommodations should complete the housing contract as well as contact Accessibility Services (located in the Counseling Center) for an intake. All requests for specific housing accommodations will be coordinated with Accessibility Services. Housing and Residence Life offers accessible rooms in each of our living communities.

  • How can I change information on my previously submitted housing application?

    Students may submit via email from their UWG email address, requests for changes in information on the housing application such as roommate information, personal preference information and hall preference. Phone requests will not be accepted. Requests submitted by July 1 will receive priority. Requests submitted after July 1 can not be guaranteed, however every effort will be made to honor these requests.

  • May I stay in my room during academic breaks?

    Possibly. There are 4 academic breaks every year during which the residence halls will close. Tyus Hall, University Suites, and Arbor View Apartments are the only three halls which offer break housing. During the following academic breaks all other residence halls will close: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break. International Students and out of state students who will not be able to go home during the above mentioned break periods are encouraged to request assignment into either Tyus Hall, University Suites, or Arbor View Apartments.

  • How will I receive mail while I am living on campus?

    All students who live on campus will be assigned a UWG Post Office box. The campus post office is located in the University Community Center in the heart of the campus. Mail should be addressed to:

    Students Name
    UWG PO Box #
    University of West Georgia
    Carrollton, GA 30118

  • How do I find out information while I am living on campus?

    The Department of Housing and Residence Life utilizes several methods to communicate with students. General announcements (residence hall closing, room change) are posted on bulletin boards and other public areas in each hall, advertised on ResView, the departments TV channel, posted on the Departments Web site and distributed at periodic hall and floor meetings. General information notices are occasionally emailed to students individually.

  • When can I request a room / roommate change?

    Room change period begins the third week after the start of classes each semester. Be sure to visit our website at www.westga.edu/housing for specific dates each semester. All residential students regardless of residence hall will follow the same process.

    Room Change Lottery: Students will visit Housing and Residence Life office, located in East Commons, to enter our Room Change Lottery on the dates publicized at the beginning of the semester. Our office will make reassignment as space is available and notify the student via their UWG email address. Please remember that you are responsible for the difference in cost (if any) when you change rooms.

    All other room change requests after the end of the Room Change Lottery are handled by your Residence Director or Area Coordinator. Find your Resident Director or Area Coordinator here.

    Students will be given Room Change paperwork for all approved room changes and should use this paperwork when checking into their new residence hall assignment. Students will be contacted via their UWG email address regarding any request for a room change. Please note that Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to assign any vacancy based upon the needs of the residential community and may therefore decline a request.

  • Is there a fee for doing a room change?

    No. At this time, there is not a fee associated with an approved room change. However, a $50.00 improper room change fee will be assessed to all students who change rooms without proper approval and documentation from the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

  • Why am I being charged an improper room change fee?

    Students who fail to move within the specified time period designated on the room change instruction form, or move without notifying the Department of Housing and Residence Life are billed a $50 improper room change fee. 

  • What do I do if my student ID card access to my residence hall is not working?

    If your magnetic strip becomes damaged your card will not allow you to access your building, please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life via email at housing@westga.edu to have your access restored. For all requests during non business hours, please contact the campus 24 hour housing response service, ResStar, at 678-839-4718, to gain access to your room. Please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life as soon as possible to have your card access restored. Please indicate your 917#
    (student I.D number) and the building you live in. 

  • I lost my room key. What do I do?

    Contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life to have your door lock change. Our office will order the lock change, notify you when the lock change is complete, and new keys are available for pick up at the Housing and Residence Life Office. Most lock changes are completed within 24 hours of notification. You will be billed for a lock change according to your residence hall location. The lock change fees are as follows: Traditional halls, Greek Village, and Tyus hall fee are $40.00; The Suites and the Arbor View 2 bedroom units are $95.00; and Arbor View 4 bedroom units are $145. 

  • If my key is damaged what I do?

    Contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life for a replacement room key. The damaged room key will need to be turned in to receive the new key. The cost for a new key is $5.00. Generally new keys can be available within 24 hours of notification to the Housing and Residence Life Office. 

  • What if my key is stolen?

    If your keys have been stolen, you will need to file a report with UWG Police (678-839-6000) and provide a copy of the police report to the Department of Housing and Residence Life. You door lock will need to be changed, and you will be notified when new keys are available for pick up at the Housing and Residence Life Office. Please note for security purpose each roommate must be present to turn in their old key and receive their new key. 

  • If my roommate loses his / her key, will I have to pay a fee?

    No. You will need to turn your current key to Department of Housing and Residence Life. You will be required to show your student ID to receive your new key. Please note for security purpose each roommate must be present to turn in their old key and receive their new key. 

  • What is the appeal process after the cancellation deadline?

    Students who wish to terminate their housing contract after the cancellation deadline must complete a Housing Appeals packet (located here, insert link) and submit to Housing and Residence Life office along with supplemental information which demonstrates a change in circumstances. The Housing Appeals Committee will review your request within 10 business days of receipt of a complete packet and you will be notified via your UWG email address. Please note, turning in an appeals packet does not guarantee cancellation of your housing contract and you may be held financially responsible for a portion of your contract. Please refer to the Residence Hall Contract for more information

  • How do I cancel my housing contract prior to the cancellation deadline?

     Prior to your respective contract deadline (February 1st for upper class students, April 1st for returning students,  June 30th for incoming freshman students), students may send an email to housing@westga.edu, stating that they would like to cancel their contract and the reason they are cancelling their contract. The Housing and Residence Life Office will send an email confirmation that the contract has been cancelled.

  • How can I apply for a private room?

    A very limited number of double occupancy rooms can be requested as private on a semesterly basis. You can make request via email to the Housing Office at housing@westga.edu after the advertised room change period. All requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. Based on semesterly occupancy, this option is not always available. We will respond to your request via your UWG email with an approval or denial. Should your request be approved, your email response will include further instructions, including rates, payment etc. 

  • My roommate and I do not get along. What do I do?

    All residence life hall staff are trained to help you and your roommate resolve any conflict that may occur. A meeting with your RA is advised, and if the conflict is not resolved, an additional meeting with the Resident Director is recommended. 

  • I cannot find my RA. Who do I contact if I have a problem?

    If your floor RA is not on duty, please contact our 24 hour housing response service, ResStar, at 678-839-4718. ResStar will send an RA to aid in your situation.

  • I received a letter from the Housing Office stating I have to move out of my assignment because I am not enrolled. Why? What If my classes were reinstated?

    Students who are not enrolled in classes are not allowed to live on campus. You will be notified by the Department of Housing and Residence Life via email and asked to check out of your assignment within 24 hours of the notification. If your classes are reinstated, documentation from the Registrar’s Office will be required to remain a resident in the halls.