Academic Year 2021 - 2022

First-Time UWG Policy Summary:

First Time UWG undergraduate students (FT-UWG) are required to live on campus for 2 semesters when starting UWG. A First Time UWG Undergraduate Student is defined as a student who enrolls in undergraduate courses for the first time at the University of West Georgia after their high school graduation.

All First Time UWG Students who are required to live on campus must also participate in a freshman meal plan through the completion of two (2) semesters of residency (Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall).

Some residents may be eligible for an exemption waiver to the FT-UWG Policy.

Considerations for FT-UWG Policy Waiver and required supporting documentation include:

  • 21 years of age – as of the first day of classes in the Fall 2021 full term semester.
  • Attended two (2) semesters at another institution post-high school graduation - Official transcript required upon submission. (Please note, semesters earned during joint enrollment do not apply toward this qualification for exemption.)
  • Married and/or have child(ren) – Certified copy of marriage license/certified copy of birth certificate
  • Live at home with a legal parent/guardian within an approved zip code - Images of government issued ID including address information for BOTH the student and the parent/guardian are required upon submission. Address information on the student’s ID MUST match the address information on the parent/guardian’s ID and MUST match the student’s official address on file with the University. Please upload images of both the student's and the parent/guardian’s ID .

You must receive approval of your FT-UWG Policy Waiver to meet the FT-UWG Student Housing Requirement for a given semester. Students will be notified as to the outcome of their Waiver request via UWG student email. If approved, this status will also be displayed in the Housing Portal.

Students will be held accountable for the accuracy of all information provided to the University. Students are expected to update HRL with any changes in status.

First Time UWG Students with a signed Housing Contract who later request a FT-UWG Policy Waiver must follow the policies and expectations for cancellation to be considered for release from the contract.

The Department of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) will process waiver requests in the order received. Only complete submissions will be reviewed, Please allow a minimum of two (2) weeks from the date of your submission to process the waiver request.

First Time UWG Students have five (5) business days from the date of their New Student Orientation session to meet the FTIC Student Housing Requirement. Thereafter, FTIC students found to be in violation of the FTIC Student Housing Requirement through failure to complete a Housing Application and failure to obtain an approved FT-UWG Policy Waiver will be billed for housing, social fees and meal plan fees.

FT-UWG students will be notified when it is time to renew or submit a new request for. FT-UWG Policy Waiver prior to the start of their second semester.

You can fill out the FT-UWG Policy Waiver form by selecting the button below and then selecting "FT-UWG Residency Waiver" in the blue navigation bar.

FT-UWG Policy Waiver

Zip Codes Eligible for Exemption

If you live with your parent or guardian in a zip code on the list below, you may apply for a waiver releasing you from the university’s first-year residency requirement IF you will be living at home with a legal parent/guardian during your first year of college. Your parent/guardian's address must be the same as your official address on file with the university and/or the address on your valid, government-issued ID. The waiver form must be completed and signed by the student and parent/guardian with a copy of both government-issued IDs attached.

  • 30108
  • 30109
  • 30110
  • 30112
  • 30113
  • 30116
  • 30117
  • 30118
  • 30119
  • 30122
  • 30133
  • 30134
  • 30135
  • 30140
  • 30141
  • 30150
  • 30153
  • 30157
  • 30170
  • 30176
  • 30179
  • 30180
  • 30182
  • 30185
  • 30187
  • 30213
  • 30217
  • 30220
  • 30259
  • 30263
  • 30264
  • 30265
  • 30268
  • 30271
  • 30275
  • 30277
  • 36261
  • 36262
  • 36263
  • 36264
  • 36269
  • 36273
  • 36278
  • 36280