UWG recognizes that mutually beneficial partnerships in the Carrollton community are critical in creating a positive environment for our students so that we can increase student success. UWG Housing and Residence Life offers this important partnership opportunity to local off- campus housing facilities, so that together we can increase retention, progression, and graduation rates for students. It is our hope that with this agreement our students who choose to reside off- campus will continue to receive comparable support and guidance that they received when starting their undergraduate education in our residence halls.  

Apartment Complexes that are current Recognized Housing Partners:



River Pointe Apartments

915 Lovvorn Road

Carrollton, Ga 30117



Carrollton Crossing Apartments

1205 Maple Street

Carrollton, Ga 30117



  • Greater Communication with UWG
  • Recognition by City of Carrollton
  • Feature on HRL Housing Sign up web site
  • Connection to university housing professionals
  • Involvement in collaborative problem solving with University Officials
  • Involvement in training for Community Assistants or other staff (in paid option)
  • Participation in Annual off- campus Housing Fair Access to mailing lists for eligible students (in paid option)
  • Use of UWG Housing and Residence Life logo on approved advertisements (in paid option)
  • On- site programming and service functions (in paid option)
  • Shuttle bus service (depending on ridership and distance from campus)
  • Mutual Aid agreement (City of Carrollton and University Police) (depending on distance from campus)


  • UWG and the off- campus apartment complex will cooperate to resolve issues of student concern. We will notify our on- campus support network to ensure student support
  • UWG will offer the staff of the off- campus housing facilities the opportunity to participate in staff/ leadership meetings with UWG Housing staff. Monthly meetings for apartment staff may be scheduled to discuss student trends and institutional goals, and also complete training on student retention and progress
  • UWG staff will consider additional support including campus police partnership with the City of Carrollton and Shuttle Bus service 
Services provided by UWG at minimal cost to the Recognized Housing Partner:
  • UWG provides a dedicated call center, staffed 24 hours per day/ 365 days per year, to assist with resident issues, such as lock- out services
  • UWG staff and the off- campus apartment staff will participate in joint training with UWG housing staff to ensure protocol and crisis response, as well as other topics of training
  • UWG staff will provide on- site programming relevant to the student experience and supportive of student success in all aspects of life- career, personal health and safety, academic success, etc.
Services required by off- campus housing facilities:
  • Apartment units will meet industry standard design, development, and operational standards which are mutually agreed upon between UWG and the Apartment Complex 
  • The off- campus facilities will secure and maintain a certificate of insurance that will provide minimum coverage for commercial general liability, bodily injury/ property damage, and vehicle liability
  • The apartment complex must employ a full time manager to monitor activity, address concerns of residents, and respond to emergency situations
  • The off- campus facilities will provide security for the apartment units and their residents to keep students safe

Note: Acceptance and annual renewal are contingent on meeting all of the contract requirements. UWG Housing and Residence Life personnel will annually evaluate all Recognized Partners for compliance