The Residential Curriculum supports the University of West Georgia’s mission, aligns with Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiatives, The Wolf Experience, and supports our department’s mission to provide comfortable housing, academic support, and opportunities that challenge our residents to succeed. It has four experience pillars: Health and Wellness, Community Engagement, Academic Preparedness, and Positive Social Experience. Click here to see the learning outcomes and strategies.

Residential Curriculum is learning that takes place outside the classroom, creating connections between individuals, offering opportunities to learn and engage in dialogue that challenges and supports our students.

The Residential Curriculum is the groundwork for the experience of Living West! Our student staff is trained to be a resource, a mentor, and a safety net. The Residence Halls are designed with study spaces, tutoring, and putting resources at the fingertips of our students. All of the events, programming, and even the conversations with our staff are all geared to support student success. Explore the rest of the Getting Involved Page to see how you can get involved.

Check out the UWG LEAP page.