Building Features:
Comfortable single and double rooms with private and semi-private bathrooms, over-sized wardrobes and movable furniture. Accessible rooms are also available. Grassy outdoor areas. A TV lounge, glass-enclosed study overlook, large study rooms for 30-40 people. An event and teaching space with catering kitchen. Central location that offers easy access to dining, academic buildings and campus transportation

The storage space is 44 inches wide x 80 inches tall. There is a shelf 23 inches from the bottom.

Windows are 57 inches high x 34.5 inches wide. Blinds are included in each room.

The mattresses are twin extra long (38 x 79 inches). The beds are not bunkable. There is a storage dresser which fits under each bed (30 inches wide x 24 inches deep).

Bathrooms are located in each suite and shower curtains are provided.

There are two desks in double occupancy rooms and one desk in single occupancy rooms. Desk height is 30 inches tall.

*A small refrigerator and microwave is provided in each room.