• Are the suites fully furnished?

    Yes. Each suite features a fully furnished bedroom which includes a closet, desk and desk chair, dresser and XL twin bed. 

  • Is there a dishwasher in the kitchen?

    No. however there is a full kitchen located in the Community Center. The Suites features a kitchenette which includes a full-size refrigerator, a built-in microwave, and a large sink.

  • Can members of the opposite sex be roommates?

    No, however residents of opposite sex will be placed on the same floor. 

  • Is it just a shower, or is it a shower/bath?

    The University Suites features semi-private bathrooms which include a shower/bath, toilet and sink. 

  • Do we decide on which room in the suite we get to live in? Or do the doors have numbers or letters and someone from Residence Life chooses it for us?

     Yes. You can request which bedroom you want if you like, via your housing application

  • Is there a bus stop by the suites?

    Yes. There is one in 3-5 minute walking distance and one across the street in front of Tyus.  

  • Is there parking close to the buildings?

    Yes, there is a large lot on the Tyus end of the complex . However, all 1st year students are required to park at the stadium.  

  • When you state there are "Individual ... (local telephone, cable TV, high speed Ethernet connections)" do you mean that there will be access to Internet, and cable and a telephone line in each room?

    Yes. Each bedroom will have its own telephone line, ethernet port, and cable hook-up.

  • Are the telephone, cable, and Internet all included in the rent?

    Yes. When you pay your rent, that’s it. You won’t receive additional bills for water or power either. Your rent truly is all-inclusive when you live in University Suites.

  • Would the cost of the suite be covered in the housing part of our financial aid?

     Yes, as long as your award is sufficient to cover the entire cost.

  • Is the rent a monthly fee, or is it two set payments like the other halls?

    Yes, there are two payments, one for each semester during the year. The contract is a ten month contract.

  • Can I choose my suite mates?

    Yes. We make every effort to assign students with their requested roommates, however, assignments are made on space available basis and in the order in which a completed contract is received. Please be sure to fill out the application in its entirety.

  • Can I live in the University Suites for only one semester?

    Your residence hall contract is a legally binding contract for one full academic year (Aug – April). If you are graduating in December or are no longer enrolled at UWG for the spring semester, you may turn in a housing appeal packet in order to request cancellation of the remaining portion of your contract.

  • Am I allowed to stay in the University Suites during holiday breaks?

     Yes. Arbor View, Tyus, and the University Suites are all open during breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break).

  • Is there a washer/dryer in the suite?

     No, however the washer and dryers are located on the second or third floor in a centralized location in each building.