• How do I apply for Ignite?

    The first step is to apply for admission to the University of West Georgia. The program is designed as an option for students whose academic index is between a 2000 and a 2119.

    Upon an admission’s decision, students who are classified as conditionally admitted (freshman index between 2000 and 2119) can sign up for Ignite.

  • What if I become fully admitted?

    If you become fully admitted then your spot is given to someone on the waiting list. Any fees you have paid—orientation or housing application will roll over to the fall semester. 

  • How many students are in the program?

    Typically, there are around 80 students that participate in the Ignite program each summer.

  • How do I reserve a spot in Ignite?

    Returning a signed contract to ignite@westga.edu or

    The Office of First Year Experience
    Attention: Melissa Grosso
    Strozier Hall
    1601 Maple St.
    Carrollton, GA 30118

  • What classes are offered?

    Students will take 2 classes for a total of 6 credit-hours:

    Media in the Arts (XIDS 2100) is a three hour class. Students are in groups of 15 with one English faculty member teaching the class.  Students will read and analyze media then share ideas through written essays and multimedia presentations.

    American Government (POLS 1101) is a three hour class. In this class, students will experience college style lectures on United States Government. To help with these courses, students will have access to Supplemental Instruction, subject specific tutors, and their faculty. 


  • Do I have to take these classes?

    Yes. These are the classes offered for the Ignite program that meet Core requirement. After successfully completing these courses, students will begin the fall semester with credits that count towards Core and graduation.

  • What about housing?

    During Ignite, all students in the program will live in Gunn Hall. One full-time Residence Director, five Resident Assistants, and Ignite Mentors will be present in Gunn Hall throughout the Ignite program. 

    Selections for fall housing can be made once students have returned signed contracts and a change has been made to their admission status.

  • How do I sign up for housing?
    1. Go to your myUWG portal.
    2. Pay the $150 housing application fee only once.
    3. Sign up for fall housing first.

    You will complete your summer housing contract when you get to campus in July.

    Do not pay application fee twice.

  • What about fall housing?

    Once we receive a signed contract, you will be able to make choices for fall housing.

  • Can I choose my roommate?

    You will have options for roommates in the fall semester, but assignments for Ignite housing will be random.

  • How much does it cost to participate in the Ignite program?

    The cost of the program is about $3426 for in-state students and $6069 for out-of-state participants. This estimated cost includes tuition & fees, room and board, meals, and books. Some expenses, such as tuition and meals can be covered by financial aid, while others must be paid for before financial aid funds are released.

  • Is financial aid available?

    Yes. To apply for financial aid for the summer you will need 2014 tax returns. Financial aid for the fall requires 2015 tax returns. FAFSA funds, Pell Grants, and Hope Scholarships are available for the summer for qualified individuals. For more information, contact Clint Backstrom at 678-839-6421.

  • Will I be able to keep my summer job during Ignite?

    Academic and social activities are planned during the day and evenings, so working during the program is not possible.

  • Can I go home on the weekends

    Due to the accelerated timeline of the program, students will be unable to go home on the weekends. Weekend programing will require Ignite students to remain on campus. 

  • Can I bring my car?

    Yes. While not necessary, students may bring their cars. Students who decide to bring a vehicle, will need to purchase a parking pass from Parking Services located in Row Hall 1st Floor.

  • What about the fall? Will I get support in during that semester?

    Students will have a faculty member from Ignite as their ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 courses

    Staff members will teach UWG 1101 to Ignite students during the fall semester

    Supplemental Instruction will be available for students during the fall and spring semesters

    Because Ignite allows students to make connections with different departments, students will know many individuals on campus who will act as strong resources

  • Is there someone I can speak with about Ignite?

    Yes, anyone in the office of FYE can answer questions about Ignite. The number is 678-839-5227 or you can email questions to ignite@westga.edu.

  • I had an IEP/504 in high school.

    You can still receive services through accessibility services. Please contact Christie Williams at 678-839-6428

    Important Numbers:

    • Housing & Residence Life: 678-839-6426
    • Enrollment Services Center/Fin Aid: 678-839-6140
    • Admissions: 678-839-5600
    • Accessibility Services: 678-839-6428