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The Ignite Program is designed for students who have demonstrated the ability to be successful in college, but have not met our admissions requirements. These students begin classes in the summer and gain access to campus resources and services that will support their transition to the university. The Ignite program runs over the course of five weeks during the University of West Georgia’s summer Session IV term, from late June to late July. As part of the Ignite program, students live on campus and participate in engaging activities that promote student success.

All Ignite program information is located below.

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  • Ignite Program Overview

    Application Process: Students who are interested in taking part in Ignite and are eligible should complete the Ignite Program Application by May 24, 2017. Qualified applicants will be contacted by admissions to complete the program application.   Once an application is completed, qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview with campus staff in order to be further considered for admission into the program. After each interview has been completed, Ignite staff members will select up to 80 students to be accepted into the Ignite program. Information about the Ignite program, housing, financial aid, and fee payment will be emailed to you as a confirmation of your reservation in the program.

    Dates of the Program: Classes will begin on Monday, June 27th and continue through exams on July 22nd. Ignite Move-in will take place on Wednesday, June 21st. Freshman Orientation for Ignite students will  take place on June 22nd-23rd (Freshman 5).

    Ignite Move-In: Move-In will be held on Wednesday, June 21st at Bowdon Residence Hall.  On June 21st, students will be able to retrieve their student ID cards, parking passes, and summer class schedule.  June 22nd-23rd (Freshman Orientation) students will get information about UWG and campus resources.  During June 24-26th (Mandatory Ignite Bootcamp) students will learn about program expectations, pick up their textbooks at the Bookstore, and will have the opportunity to speak with staff members from Financial Aid, Housing and Residence Life, the Bursar, and other campus departments about what to expect during Ignite.

    Orientation:  Orientation is a requirement for all new students at the University of West Georgia. You will receive more information about Orientation after all Ignite acceptance offers have been confirmed. Students in the Ignite program must attend Freshman 5 Orientation, June 22nd-23rd. There is an additional fee for students and guests attending the orientation session.

    Financial Aid: In order to be eligible for receiving summer financial aid, you must complete the 2016-2017 Free Application for federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov . For fall 2017 financial aid, you must also complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA.

    Academic Courses: Students who are accepted into the Ignite program will take two academic courses, Media and the Arts (XIDS 2100) and American Government (POLS 1101). By taking these courses, students earn six hours of academic credit over the summer that will count toward graduation.

    All Ignite students will be required to take UWG 1101, a first-year seminar course, as well as English Composition I in the Fall and English Composition II in the Spring. These courses will be automatically added to the student’s schedule by New Students Programs staff.

    Housing: Students who are accepted into the Ignite program will be required to live on campus in Bowdon Residence Hall. Living on campus provides many benefits to students, including the ability to meet and engage with other students and have quicker access to university resources and services.

    Once students are accepted into the Ignite program they will sign a Fall and Summer housing contract.

    If you have any additional questions about Ignite please contact Melissa Grosso in the New Student Programs Office at 678-839-5227 or by email at ignite@westga.edu .

  • Ignite Accepted Students

    Congratulations! You have been confirmed to attend the Ignite program for Summer 2017. Only a select number of students have the opportunity to take part in this program. As an Ignite student, you will be presented with many benefits that will help you along your pathway to success. You will have the ability to become familiar with the campus earlier than most first-year students, will have access to professors who are dedicated to your learning, and will be able to begin earning credits that will count towards your degree.

    Now that you have been accepted, there are a few things to do before beginning classes this summer to help you to have a successful transition to the University of West Georgia.

    Login to your MyUWG portal: Now that you have been accepted, you will be sent an email with instructions for accessing your myUWG portal shortly. After setting up your account, click the image that says “Your Decision is Ready!” You will then be able to follow the directions on the page to access your Go West Checklist.

    Sign up for Orientation: Orientation is a requirement for all new students at the University of West Georgia. During Orientation, students are able to receive their class schedule, sign up for fall classes, and be provided with information and resources about attending the University of West Georgia. Students in the Ignite program must attend Freshman 5 Orientation, June 22nd-23rd.

    To register for orientation, log into your MyUWG Portal, click on the Orientation tab, and then scroll down and click on “Register for Orientation.” You will need to complete the form in its entirety and submit your payment at the end. You will receive a confirmation of your registration for orientation upon your completion of the form.

    The fee for orientation for students is $95.00 and the fee per guest attending is $45.00.

    Contact Orientation staff at 678-839-4739 or orient@westga.edu if you have questions specifically about attending orientation.

    Sign up for Housing: Summer Housing: Information about summer housing will be provided to you after your acceptance into the program. Fall Housing: Fall housing is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to secure fall housing, you will need to complete the 2017-2018 Housing Application (located in your MyUWG). You will need to pay the $150 nonrefundable application fee and select a room for fall 2017.  Once you have completed your Fall Housing application, you will complete your application for summer.

    If you have any questions about housing, please contact UWG Housing and Residence Life at 678-839-6426 or housing@westga.edu .

    Meal Plan: You will be automatically assigned a dining plan for the summer semester that will cover all meals during the program and is built into the cost of the program.

    Apply for financial aid: If you want to be considered for financial aid for the summer, you must complete the 2016-2017 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.ed.gov as soon as possible. To receive financial aid for the fall semester, you must complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA. By filling out the FAFSA, you will apply for federal aids, grants (Pell), scholarships (HOPE), and loans. Please keep in mind it may take several weeks to hear back from Financial Aid on how much aid you will be receiving.  Please fill out your documents early and make sure to continually check your MyUWG portal for updates and information.

    More information can be found at www.westga.edu/financialaid or by calling the Financial Aid Office at 678-839-6421.

    Submit your immunization forms: You must submit verification of immunization before arriving to move-in on campus. You can find the form here: http://www.usg.edu/assets/student_affairs/documents/coi-form.pdf . If you have additional questions or concerns about immunizations and/or health on campus, you can contact Health Services at 678-839-6452 or visit https://www.westga.edu/health/ .

    Submit your final high school transcript: Contact your high school guidance counselor and request your final high school transcript to be sent to the University of West Georgia in order to verify your admission status and to ensure that your financial aid is processed online. You will be fully accepted into the University of West Georgia after your completion of Required High School Curriculum with a satisfactory grade point average.

    If needed, request accommodations with Accessibility Services: If you have used a 504 Plan or an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) in high school, consider contacting Accessibility Services at 678-839-6428 or counseling@westga.edu to get more information and discuss possible accommodations. Please establish your accommodation prior to the first day of classes and identify yourself as an Ignite student when contacting Accessibility Services. Please visit www.westga.edu/accessibility for more information.

    If you have any additional questions about Ignite please contact Melissa Grosso in the Office of New Student Programs at 678-839-5277 or by email at ignite@westga.edu.

    Program Contacts:

    Melissa Grosso, Assistant Director of New Student Programs | 678-839-5227
    Admissions | 678-839-5600
    Housing & Residence Life | 678-839-6426
    Financial Aid | 678-839-6421
    Accessibility Services | 678-839-6428
    Bursar's Office | 678-839-4737

  • Success Stories

    "Back in high school, I never felt “smart” and never felt that I was as on the same academic level as my peers. Because of this, I put myself down and never maximized my full potential. The Ignite Program of 2015 helped me gain confidence that I never thought was possible. The directors of the Ignite Program and my professors showed me a lot of positivity and guidance that I will forever be thankful for. I can honestly say that because of Ignite and my newfound confidence, I am unstoppable. I have the courage to finally feel intelligent and be someone I am proud of. I am now a student of the Honors College and I am an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta. I have loved being a student here at West Georgia, and I cannot wait to see what my future holds. "

    -  Madison Yelle, Ignite 2015

    "I graduated from high school with not the best of grades and clueless about what my college experience would be like. I applied to West Georgia and got information about the Ignite program here. At first, I was a bit skeptical about the program, but once I got here and met my fellow classmates, mentors, and professors, I figured I’m getting a head start in college and was able to receive 6 credit hours for it. Because of Ignite, I developed great study habits, was introduced to a college schedule and starting early, and came here Fall semester with good friends to interact with."

    - Corby Love, Ignite 2016

    "Ignite gave me the opportunity to see who I really am as a student. It really prepared me for the Fall semester and gave me a taste of what college is like. I was fully accepted into this university, but my mom and dad wanted me to go to see much studying you really have to do to get an “A” in a course. If I didn’t go to the Ignite program, I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through the Fall semester. Ignite is the way to go!"

    - Brooke McAfee, Ignite 2016

    "Ignite benefited me in so many ways! I got to experience living alone for the first time and met some of my closest friends. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of hard work. We attended study sessions four times a week, but it ended up benefiting me and teaching me how to study for classes. Ignite was packed with fun activities for us like Six Flags, a Braves game, and plenty of movie nights! Not to mention, you are assigned a mentor so it’s like having your own sibling there to look out for you and always help you out. I was skeptical about Ignite at first, since I would be leaving home early and losing summer time, but all in all I met amazing people and had a great experience. Also, Ignite helps you to learn the whole campus so when Fall starts you are a pro!"

    - Erin McCaffery, Ignite 2016