If you are a UWG Department or Organization needing to request a bus trip, please complete the bus trip request form. Once your request is submitted, you will be contacted by the Transportation Office with approval and a chart string must be provided for billing purposes prior to the event date.

Bus Trip Request Form

All information must be completed in order for the University of West Georgia Transportation Department to plan a trip, schedule a driver, and remit payment.

Pick-Up Information


Return Information

Contact of Individual Requesting Trip

Estimated Charge*


Please note: Submission of this form does not mean your request has been confirmed. Parking will notify you if your trip is confirmed.

*Buses have a set rate of $30.00/hr. and $2.50/mile. An additional $11.90/hr required if driver is on overtime. One hour minimum is added to the trip total for a federally required pre-trip and post-trip bus inspection/preparation.

REMINDER – This is an acknowledgement of your trip request, not a confirmation of the trip. Once all of the provided information and the chart string have been verified you will receive a separate confirmation e-mail from the Parking Office. Person/Group requesting the bus trip will be responsible for any additional charges for parking the bus.

Estimated charges may differ from the billed charges. Overtime pay for bus driver may be added based on their work hours.