West Georgia Outdoors (WGO) offers various guided adventure trips throughout each semester that provide students, faculty and staff with outdoor recreational experiences that focus on adventure, challenge and growth.

WGO Spring 2019 Adventure Trips: More In-Tents (overnight)

Trips Location Registration Deadline Dates of Trip Student Price Faculty/Staff Price
Backpacking Walls of Jericho, TN/AL Line Feb. 18 Feb. 22 - 24 $35 $41
Whitewater Rafting Ocoee River, TN April 1 April 5 - 6 $55 $64
Beach Adventure Florida Panhandle April 15 April 19 - 21 $50 $58
Bouldering Rocktown, GA April 15 April 19 - 21 $50 $58

WGO Spring 2019 Adventure Trips: More In-Tents (overnight)

  • Trips: Backpacking
    Location: Walls of Jericho, TN/AL Line
    Registration Deadline: Feb. 18
    Dates of Trip: Feb. 22 - 24
    Student Price: $35
    Faculty/Staff Price: $41

  • Trips: Whitewater Rafting
    Location: Ocoee River, TN
    Registration Deadline: April 1
    Dates of Trip: April 5 - 6
    Student Price: $55
    Faculty/Staff Price: $64

  • Trips: Beach Adventure
    Location: Florida Panhandle
    Registration Deadline: April 15
    Dates of Trip: April 19 - 21
    Student Price: $50
    Faculty/Staff Price: $58

  • Trips: Bouldering
    Location: Rocktown, GA
    Registration Deadline: April 15
    Dates of Trip: April 19 - 21
    Student Price: $50
    Faculty/Staff Price: $58

  • More In-Tents Trip Descriptions

    Backpacking: Feb. 22 - 24

    Wanting a weekend of adventure? Join us as we backpack through the scenic Walls of Jericho at the border of Tennessee and Alabama. The trip will depart Friday, camp out that night as well as Saturday night, then head back to campus on Sunday.

    Whitewater Rafting: April 5 - 6 

    Looking for a thrill? Come spend the weekend camping out and whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River, home of the 1996 Olympics. No experience needed, this adventure is for everyone.

    Beach Adventure: April 19 - 21

    Sick of the cold? Head to the ocean with us. We'll be camping and beaching all weekend in beautiful Pensacola. You'll also have the option to parasail and SUP for an extra cost.

    Bouldering: April 19 - 21

    Never been bouldering before? No problem. Join us on a weekend trip to Rocktown where we will camp out and hike to a beginner-friendly area for some bouldering. Challenge yourself and reach new heights with us.

WGO Spring 2019 Adventure Trips: Less In-Tents (single-day)

Trips Location Registration Deadline Date of Trip Student Price Faculty/Staff Price
Skydiving Rockmart, GA March 25 March 31 $180 $195
SUP Yoga Banning Mills, GA April 1 April 7 $20 $23
River Clean-Up Chattahoochee River, GA April 22 April 27 $5 $6
Day Hike Providence Canyon, GA April 22 April 28 $10 $12

WGO Spring 2019 Adventure Trips: Less In-Tents (single-day)

  • Trips: Skydiving
    Location: Rockmart, GA
    Registration Deadline: March 25
    Date of Trip: March 31
    Student Price: $180
    Faculty/Staff Price: $195

  • Trips: SUP Yoga
    Location: Banning Mills, GA
    Registration Deadline: April 1
    Date of Trip: April 7
    Student Price: $20
    Faculty/Staff Price: $23

  • Trips: River Clean-Up
    Location: Chattahoochee River, GA
    Registration Deadline: April 22
    Date of Trip: April 27
    Student Price: $5
    Faculty/Staff Price: $6

  • Trips: Day Hike
    Location: Providence Canyon, GA
    Registration Deadline: April 22
    Date of Trip: April 28
    Student Price: $10
    Faculty/Staff Price: $12

  • Less In-Tents Trip Descriptions

    Skydiving: March 31

    Always wanted to go skydiving but haven't made it happen yet? This is your opportunity to join us for the adventure of a lifetime. We will be heading to Skydive Spaceland - Atlanta for the day to skydive with USPA certified instructors.

    Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Yoga: April 7

    Love yoga and water? Join us on the gorgeous lake at Banning Mills for a relaxing day of yoga on stand-up paddleboards. A certified yoga instructor will walk us through a calming session on the water.

    River Clean-up: April 27

    Do you enjoy doing good deeds while having fun? Then this trip is perfect for you. Enjoy a day on the Chattahoochee river while making it even more beautiful by helping clean it up.

    Day Hike: April 28

    Want to immerse yourself in nature? Come along with us as we head to Providence Canyon for a day of hiking and beautiful views. Everyone needs a day enjoying nature and this is the perfect place to do just that.

How to Register for Trips

Online/by credit card: go to myrec.westga.edu and click on the WGO icon.  From there, select the specific trip you want to register for, click “Sign In/Register” and follow the prompts. 

In Person/by cash or check: Come visit West Georgia Outdoors (WGO) in the Campus Center during our open hours and one of our friendly staff can help assist you with registration. Please bring exact cash or a check for in-person payments. 

Trip Refund Policy

All registrants are subject to a full refund if it is requested at least 14 days prior to the trip departure date. In order to receive a full refund, participants must email their request for a refund to wgo@westga.edu. Participants seeking a refund after the refund deadline has passed have the option of finding a replacement participant, in which case a refund may be granted. In the event of a trip cancellation due to weather or enrollment, a full refund will be issued to all registered participants.*

*Certain trips have modified refund policies, which supersede this policy. These modifications will be outlined during registration for that particular trip. 

For more information, email wgo@westga.edu or call 678-839-5359. Follow @wgoutdoors on Instagram.