UREC Trainer with a student
 image of a personal trainer training a client in Functional Training.

Personal Training

Our nationally certified student personal trainers are an excellent resource for participants wanting an individualized workout plan. These trainers will design a workout program specific to your needs and goals. Check out our price breakdown, learn about each trainer, and how to sign up below.

Personal Training Packages

Both consultation and first session are free.

Session Pricing    
Number of SessionsStudent PricingFaculty/Staff Pricing

How to Begin Personal Training Process

  1.  Fill out online interest form
  2. One of our nationally certified personal trainers will contact you within 72 hours to set up an initial consultation
  3. The trainer will then conduct a consultation and assessment for free
  4. The trainer and client will create a personalized plan to help achieve client's goals
  5. Client will then be able to purchase the preferred number of training sessions either online via credit card or Campus Center administration desk via credit card or check

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Helps you achieve your goals
  • Provides a sense of accountability with each exercise
  • Meets your needs through workout programs designed specifically for you
  • Increases sports performance
  • Receive written workout plans
  • Gain immediate feedback on each exercise within each session

For more information, contact urec@westga.edu.