Wolf Wellness is a collaborative endeavor of campus wellness programs and opportunities that address the six dimension model of wellness including: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and occupational.

Wolf Wellness raises awareness by providing students with concerted personal wellness opportunities that will better ensure their well-being and overall success. The goal is for students, to Go West, and upon arrival, be well, stay well and do well, and upon graduation day, to go well.

The mission of the University of West Georgia Wellness Committee is to enhance organizational health and wellness by fostering interest and encouraging all students, faculty, and staff to initiate and expand healthier lifestyles, provide and support diverse wellness programs and initiatives across campus to meet a wide range of personal health needs, recognize students, faculty, and staff for participating in healthier lifestyles activities, decrease absenteeism due to illness and stress, and develop a positive culture that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all.

To work collaboratively and in conjunction with campus partners to address all dimensions of wellness to make the University of West Georgia the healthiest campus it can be.