How do I get access to my BankMobile Vibe Account? My password is not working.

Log on to the BankMobile Vibe website: Once on the secure website, click "Already made a choice? Log In" at the top right of the screen. Select "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions. The first part of your password will be provided to you immediately and the second part will be emailed to you at your registered email address within a few minutes. 

How do I deposit money to my BankMobile Vibe Account?

You can deposit money into your BankMobile Vibe account in the following ways:

  • Students can deposit checks to their BankMobile account by using check deposit feature in their BankMobile account.
  • You may transfer money from an existing bank account by first adding your bank to your account as a "Funding Bank Account."  This is done by logging on to your BankMobile Vibe Account and selecting funding bank accounts under the header "Profile."

How did I get a negative balance on my BankMobile Vibe Account?

Some merchants hold transactions and transmit at a given time each day. In the meantime, if you have made additional purchases beyond what you have on deposit, you may end up with a negative balance when these merchants who hold your transaction perform their transmittal.

How can I close my BankMobile Vibe Account?

As long as you are a student at UWG, it is recommended that you do not close your account. If you are ever to receive any kind of refund, whether it is an overpayment of fees or a refund from overpayment of late fees at the library, the only way to receive that refund would be through this account. Charges would apply should you need to reopen or have another card issued. In order to close your BankMobile Vibe account, you must first have a zero balance. Then call BankMobile Vibe Customer Service 1-866-894-1141.

How can I stop someone from using my lost BankMobile Vibe card until I have the money to pay for a replacement card?

Either call BankMobile Vibe customer service at 1-866-894-1141 or log in to your account and report your card lost.

I'm not even sure I ever got a card - I may have thrown it away by accident - do I still have to pay for a replacement?

There is no charge for your first card. If it was accidentally thrown away, you will be charged for a replacement.

I'm about to graduate, so why do I have to go through with this whole card process when all I want is a check?

The university has chosen for all refunds to be routed via the BankMobile process. 

Where can I view the contract terms between the University of West Georgia and BankMobile?

To view our contract with BankMobile, Click Here