Introducing Wolf Bucks

No longer will your son/daughter have to borrow your credit card, nor will you have to give them a check for books, snacks, food, laundry, or supplies! Just set them up with a Wolf Bucks account and swipe and go.

Students or parents can deposit funds in a Wolf Bucks account by using cash, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). That money will then be available for your son/daughter to use during the rest of the academic year. Money can be deposited in any increment desired.

How Do I Add Money to an Account?

To use a credit card, go to the Online Wolves Card Office and follow the instructions for making a deposit via the web.  If you are on campus, you can visit any one of our seven Wolf Bucks Deposit Stations  on campus and add funds to your student's Wolves Card using cash.

What Can My Son/Daughter Do With Their Wolves Card?

Students can gain access to their Residence Halls, access their meal plan, purchase books and supplies at the bookstore, purchase food and snacks at the POD Markets (TLC, East Commons, Center Pointe), purchase cokes and snacks from vending machines, and wash and dry their laundry. Adding money to your student's Wolf Bucks account will help make their lives here at UWG hassle-free.

Also, they can use their Wolf Bucks for photocopying at the Ingram Library and lab printing at the ten Uniprint locations around campus.

The Wolves Card will identify currently enrolled students at the University of West Georgia, making them eligible for services offered on campus in the Campus Center weight room and game room, Health Services, and activities offered through the Department of Student Activities.