Diploma Sizes

  • Undergraduate, Graduate & Specialists Diplomas are 11" x 14" in size.
  • Doctoral Diplomas are 14" x 17" in size.
  • Stand-Alone Certificates are 11" x 14" in size.


Diploma Details

For Undergraduate students, your diploma will state your diploma name as indicated on your Graduation Application, your degree earned (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc.), and your major (English, Criminology, etc.). If you achieved honors status, your Latin Honors designation (cum laude, summa cum laude, magna cum laude) will also be displayed on your diploma. If you graduated with a double major, your diploma will list both majors (Accounting and Finance). If you earned dual degrees, you will receive two diplomas (Bachelor of Arts in English / Bachelor of Science in Psychology).

Concentrations & minors are not listed on diplomas, but they are listed on academic transcripts. Undergraduate students who graduate from the Honors College will have their diploma printed with the Honors College seal.

For Graduate students, your diploma will state your diploma name as indicated on your Graduation Application, your degree earned (Master of Arts, Specialist in Education, etc.), and your major (English, Special Education, Doctor of Education, etc.). Concentrations are not listed on diplomas, but they are listed on academic transcripts.


Duplicate or Replacement Diplomas

Replacement Diplomas can be ordered by completing the Replacement Diploma Request Form online and by paying the $35 fee (per diploma) online by credit/debit card or webcheck.

It may take up to 12 weeks after your order is placed to receive your new diploma. The Graduation Team in the Registrar's Office will email you at the email address listed on the Request Form when your diploma is ready to be mailed to the address listed on the Request Form.

If you graduated from West Georgia College or The State University of West Georgia prior to January 12th, 2005, your replacement diploma will indicate "University of West Georgia" with the following disclaimer: "This diploma replaces the one originally issued from West Georgia College or State University of West Georgia".

Replacement Diploma Request Form


Apostille / Great Seal Diplomas & Transcripts

Official documents issued in one country and intended to be used in another country must be authenticated in order to be recognized as valid. If the foreign country is a member of The Hague Convention, an Apostille is required. If the foreign country is not a member of The Hague Convention, the Great Seal is normally required.

Countries that are members of The Hague Convention can be found on the Hague Apostille Country List.

If a student has accepted employment in a foreign country or is returning home to a foreign country, he or she may need to have an official transcript and/or diploma legalized by either an Apostille or the Great Seal. Most foreign countries require the diploma versus a transcript, so it is important to find out which is required. Additionally, please be sure to obtain the required documentation prior to leaving Georgia.

The University of West Georgia does not apostille diplomas, rather the Registrar's Office is able to prepare your diploma for apostille services. Individuals who wish for a Registrar to prepare their diploma for apostille services must either present their original diploma to the Registrar or order a duplicate / replacement diploma. The Registrar will prepare the diploma for apostille services and will seal the diploma in an official envelope. Individuals wishing to have their diploma or transcript prepared for apostille services should reach out to the Graduation Team at graduation@westga.edu for more information.


Diploma Policies

Diploma Name

The name on your diploma will be the same as it appears on your official transcript; please check your transcript in Banweb. If you need to make changes to your name, then please review the Registrar's Personal Information Webpage for details on changing your Legal Name. 

Variations of a candidate’s official name may be printed on a diploma. Variations of a name must be requested when submitting a Graduation Application. Acceptable variations are listed below:

  • Middle names may be complete, initialed, or omitted, but must match the student record. (e.g., John Quincy Adams, John Q. Adams, or John Adams).
  • Suffixes such as Sr., Jr., III, etc., may be used
  • Hyphenated maiden-married last names may be used, provided the candidate’s record has documentation to verify the names. A Name Change Form accompanied by a Certificate of Marriage will be required if a name change has not been processed since the marriage. In all cases, verification will be based on information that is in the candidate’s record and not provided verbally.
  • Special accent marks may be requested and recognized linguistic marks will be placed on the diploma, if possible. Please email graduation@westga.edu with your request.

The following variations are not acceptable:

  • No nicknames or names enclosed by parenthesis or quotation marks will be included as the diploma name.
  • No prefix or suffix relating to a title or credential is allowed (e.g., Dr., DMD, Esq., Mrs., Mr., etc.).


Withholding of Diplomas

Students must fulfill all financial obligations before they graduate. The Registrar’s Office will not be able to issue diplomas to students who owe money to the institution. Additionally, the Enrollment Services Center will not be able to issue transcripts if a student owes money to the institution. Students should check their BanWeb and review any email correspondence concerning financial holds or obligations.

Per the 2017-2018 Undergraduate & Graduate Academic Catalogs: Students are responsible for meeting all financial obligations to the University when they fall due. West Georgia reserves and exercises the right to deny admission, to withhold transcripts and other educational records, to cancel the enrollments of students, and to delay the graduation of students who fail to meet promptly their financial obligations to the institution. Each student is responsible for keeping informed of all registration and fee payment dates, deadlines, and other requirements by referring to the official calendar and announcements published in the course bulletin, students UWG email account, and other printed and posted announcements.