Dear Colleagues,

Over the last few months, you’ve heard me stress the importance of making UWG an outstanding place to work. Hopefully, you were able to attend Quint Studer’s presentation, in which he presented the concept of evidence-based leadership and discussed the critical link between employee engagement and institutional success. I’m excited to announce that we have launched the first phase of the "Engage West" initiative with an employee engagement survey conducted online through our research partner, Sperduto & Associates.

Your input is important to the process. Therefore, the survey has been designed to accurately – and anonymously – collect useful data regarding your engagement with the institution and its leadership. The data collected will be used in two main ways:

· First - it will provide us a much-needed look at the existing conditions, help us identify areas in which our communications, leadership, procedures, and/or policies need revision or improvement, and provide us the necessary information to map a route toward institutional success.

· Second - it will provide a baseline/benchmark against which we will measure the success of these initiatives in the future.

Our survey opened on January 27 and will remain open until midnight, February 14. We will analyze the data in late February and early March, and the leadership team will present the findings in late March. From there, we will begin the process of developing an action plan, which we’re referring to as a “roadmap.” Our goal is to begin implementation in the new academic year.

Please know that we cannot take this exciting step toward our future without your honest, interested and engaged survey participation. You hold the key to the success of our institution and, thereby, the success of our students. I expect 100% participation so that every person employed by UWG has an opportunity to help make UWG a best place to work.

Comments about the survey? Please complete our feedback form or email Please put "Engagement Survey" in the subject.

Kyle Marrero