February 12, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

This Monday, February 16, will be an exciting day for our university. Your invitation to complete the 2015 annual Engage West! Employee Engagement Survey will arrive in your email!

The second year of our survey is important for several reasons. First and most importantly, it is an opportunity to measure how and if we've improved over the past year. As you know, we took your concerns and commendations from last year's survey seriously resulting in action plans to improve environment, development, communication, transparency and culture.

This year's survey represents your opportunity to tell us how we're doing and we once again need your honest, engaged feedback so that we can direct which aspects of our plan are on the right track and which need continuous improvement. Last year, 90% of our faculty and staff participated in the Engage West! survey. It is our goal to meet or exceed that participation rate again this year ensuring that everyone's voice will be heard.

Another exciting aspect of this year's survey is that it has been greatly improved from last year's. This occurred in response to your feedback that the survey could better reflect UWG and higher education goals, circumstances, and needs. As a result of your concerns, our UWG Survey Research Center, in collaboration with a cross-divisional survey team, has developed a more focused, applicable survey instrument to our environment that still addresses our primary goals of engagement and satisfaction.

This is great for our university not only because it's a more aligned survey for our people, but because this instrument, which remains the intellectual property of the university, will become the standard higher education instrument used by the Studer Group. Our survey research center will also have opportunities to field and analyse the survey for other institutions. In fact, they will do so for several K-12 districts in the months ahead. Our involvement in this ground-breaking project will become a revenue center for the university. Now that's what I call a "mutually beneficial" partnership!

The change in instrument will mean a bit of incongruity between last year's results and this year's. Essentially, we are creating a new baseline in several areas. We firmly believe, however, that this minor inconvenience is more than offset by the benefits of a more focused, education-centric survey.

Please note: in order to maintain absolute confidence in the confidentiality of the UWG survey, Studer Group will be managing the actual data collection and aggregation process for us. This is not due to any lack of confidence in our Survey Research Center. We simply wanted to make sure that you felt as secure as possible expressing your opinions and written comments.

You should receive your email invitation on Monday, February 16, and the survey will close on March 2.

If you have any questions about the survey, or experience any technical difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact Julie Kunselman with Studer Group. Her email is Julie.Kunselman@StuderEducation.com and her number is 850-898-3880 - or you can simply reply to the survey email with your question as it will go directly to Dr. Kunselman. Read more about Dr. Kunselman here.

Your participation last year allowed us to begin working toward our vision of becoming the best place to work, learn, and succeed. It is equally important this year as we continue to move toward realization of our vision.