The Barrier Team at UWG will identify, assess, and provide recommendations for improving operational processes, policies, and practices with the goal of eliminating barriers of inefficiency. With a culture and mantra of problem solving, this team must align identified barriers with efficient solutions through the lens of mandated statutes, governing policies, and system shared services.  

The Barriers Team does not address issues related to interpersonal conflict, discrimination, professional misconduct, supervisor/employee disputes, instructor/student issues, or faculty/staff issues. If you are dealing with any of these issues, here are some other offices on campus that may be able to assist you.

The Ombuds Office on campus is a place where the staff works to resolve university related conflicts and concerns. Specifically, it can help when you do not know how to begin the process of resolving your conflict. The Ombuds office is completely confidential and does not have a responsibility to report.

The Office of Human Resources can formally address issues related to discrimination and harassment as well as conflict resolution.