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The Legacy Year: Being the Driver of Your Organizational Culture

Wednesday, March 21, 2018: 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM


To be the best comprehensive university in America–sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed—we must foster an environment where our differences and similarities are celebrated. This is not merely a nice-to-have goal, it is critical to productivity and growth. But genuine inclusion thrives only when individuals work together to nurture it.  This EW session will get you started on breaking down the barriers and achieving a new level of maturity in the way you think and act about diversity and inclusion.

  • Morning Session (Campus Center Ballroom)
  • Afternoon Workshops (offered twice):
  • Morning Session (Campus Center Ballroom)

    10:00 AM – 1:30 PM 

    10:00-10:15              Welcome & Quest for Success Award Presentation - Dr. Marrero 

    10:15-11:00              Keynote Address: Paul Meshanko, President & CEO, Legacy Business Cultures

    The Respect Effect: Exploring the Science Behind Great Relationships and Engaging Work Cultures 
    Based on his highly acclaimed new book, The Respect Effect: Using the science of neuroleadership to inspire a more loyal and productive workplace, author and speaker Paul Meshanko goes beyond the typical “feel good” themes of organizational culture and digs deeper to show how powerful of a catalyst respect can be. This lecture provides easy-to-implement strategies that help promote respectful work cultures.

    11:00-11:15               Break  

    11:15-12:30               Welcome to the Neighborhood Community Panel
    Everyone desires to live in a community that is welcoming and inclusive. This panel will feature community leaders, activists, and businesses who are hard at work building an inclusive Carrollton and who will provide tips and insights on how to create, and thrive, in places that value diversity and inclusion. Find out how you can get plugged in and involved, because biases, left unchallenged, can have devastating economic and social consequences on your community.

    • Community: Gyla Gonzalez - Latinos United
    • Corporation: Southwire - Kelley Park, VP of Inclusivity & HR Shared Services – Southwire
    • Government non-elected official: Chief Michael Mansour – Villa Rica Police Department
    • Small Business:  Darryl Watkins – Watkins Funeral Home 

    12:30-1:30 (Atrium)   Lunch will be provided. (See registration for details)

  • Afternoon Workshops (offered twice):

    Session 1: 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM   Session 2: 2:30 PM – 3:20 PM

    Being a Diversity Champion: The Importance of Safe Spaces (Campus Center Room 108.3 & 4)
    Green Zone? Safe Zone? What is all that about? This breakout session will offer insight on how safe spaces promote a healthy campus climate and turn ordinary people into diversity champions. Get a sneak preview of Green Zone & Safe Zone, professional development opportunities for staff members to have the superpowers to be inclusive and supportive of our students (and faculty/staff) who are Veterans and/or LGBTQ+.

    • Danny Gourley, Director of Center for Adult Learners and Veterans
    • Mary Beth Thompson, Health Education Coordinator

    Life is Too Short to be Ordinary! (Campus Center Room 108.1)
    This session is all about recognizing and appreciating your diversity! It will focus on three key aspects of workplace satisfaction - 1) identifying what makes your voice unique in the office, 2) understanding how to leverage the unique qualities you bring to your office, and 3) making necessary connections on campus to strengthen your voice in university decision-making.

    • Dr. Michael Hester, Executive Director of Debate Team; Special Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer; Lecturer in Communications

    Respecting Everyone’s ‘Lives’ in the Work Life Balance (Campus Center Room 108.1)
    UWG recognizes that employees are the bedrock of any organization. Accordingly, UWG is working to create a diverse and inclusive campus in which all employees feel respected and appreciated, regardless of their social background and accessibilities. In addition, UWG is aware of the fact that seeking ways to ensure that there is a balance between employees’ work responsibilities and their physical and mental well-being is a major formula for success. Against this background, we will explore the critical importance of balancing employees work and life in the context of a diverse and inclusive campus community.

    • Dr. Pam Hunt Kirk, Associate Professor of Sociology

    “Say What?”:  Dealing with Unsettling Experiences in the Workplace (Campus Center HPE Gym)
    Ever feel uncomfortable when someone makes an unsolicited, unwarranted or inappropriate comment or action?  Pour into your cup some strategies on how to approach, respond, and navigate these situations for a better UWG community.

    • Deirdre H. Rouse, Director of Diversity Education and Community Initiatives
    • Tahirih Varner, Ombudsperson




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When you “Go West,” you become part of a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, recognizing the valuable contributions of each of our faculty, staff, and students. Our individual differences lend us a collective strength that also serves as an expression of our values and beliefs. We value every member of our community not in spite of but because of our differences in age, color, creed, education, ethnicity, gender expression, national origin, physical and cognitive ability, race, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and veteran status.