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Thursday, October 5: 10am - 3pm // Campus Center Ballroom

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    October 5, 2017
    10:00am - 3:00pm
    Engage West Staff Edition is starting in the Campus Center Ballroom.  We will move to the TLC at 11:00am and have transportation assistance available, as needed, for accessibility needs.

    We all know the mission statement for our university. We strive to be the best place to work, learn and succeed! But how do we make that happen? It starts with you! It starts by building an environment that is sustainable and relevant to the aspirations of faculty and staff.

    Following the example of the famed TED Talks, Engage West-Staff Edition this fall semester focuses on the economic, social and cultural needs of our campus community by sharing great ideas--Ideas that allow you to succeed not only at work but also at life!  Join in and learn how to grow and thrive in all you do!

    Sessions Offered:

    Connecting What Matters: An Inclusive Pack Matters
    Yves-Rose Porcena, UWG Senior Diversity Officer
    Did you know that wolves are extremely social, and every member of the Wolf Pack has a unique story that connects them to each other? This session is a fun way to get you connected to fellow Wolves using the speed connect method.

    Getting to know you . . .through improv!
    Shelly Elman, Chair and Professor of Theatre
    What’s the key to building connections? Laughter, of course! Get up and get moving with our Theatre Department as they show you a unique approach to team building and improving communication.

    Safe Sustainability
    Ned Watson, Deputy Chief
    The University of West Georgia cannot be sustainable without protecting the safety, health, and welfare of one of their most vital resources: employees. Georgia House Bill 280 (commonly known as "Campus Carry" went into effect on July 1, 2017. Come learn more about this important bill, ask questions, and gain understanding on how to build a safe UWG.

    Explore West!
    Evan Jaynes, Associate Director of Admissions
    UWG Tour Guides
    Let us sweep you off your feet or keep you grounded by taking a fun bus or walking tour of our campus. Get a fresh, new perspective on what it is like to be a Wolf as you learn about our campus, its history, and hot topics! Please check-in at the table in the TLC lobby to confirm your time.

    Elevate & Celebrate! Your Personal Brand Statement
    Nichole Fannin, Executive Director of Development
    Mike Hester, Executive Director of Advance Academy Transdisciplinary Programs and Debate
    This interactive presentation will help you learn to communicate what sets UWG and your contribution above the rest.  Learn tips on how to share your personal brand while promoting UWG as the best place to work, learn, and succeed in a brief (one minute or less) “elevator pitch.”

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
    Theresa Jablecki-Kriel, Assistant Director of Facilities
    Come see how UWG creates their own cleaning products that are safe for all. Learn simple cleaning steps to maintain a clean environment.

    Feed Your Hungry Pack
    Jason Siegel, Chef
    Ansley Wilder, Residential Dining Manager
    Jennifer Williams, Assistant Manager of Retail - UCC
    After work, does your Pack howl for supper? Dine West specializes in feeding huge Packs of hungry Wolves every day!  Our team will share secrets to creating great meals quickly, safely, and hassle-free. Chef Jason will demonstrate how using a few simple ingredients in different ways allows you to cook like a pro and impress even the pickiest Pups.

    Financial Literacy: Making Money Count
    Kendall McCamy, Senior Financial Aid Advisor
    You’re making money, but are you making it count? Learn how to make the most of your money and stretch your daily dollar.

    Is My Computer Sick?
    Eugene Plummer, Network Engineer
    Mardel Shumake, Information Security Analyst
    Do you understand what makes your computer sick? Find out how to detect the signs of a potential infection, when it’s time to get a checkup, and how to prevent the spread of a virus.

    Work Smarter Not Harder
    Tina Bennett, Executive Secretary to the President
    Megan Tait, Assistant of Student Employment and Experiential Learning
    Alex Udin, Coordinator of Business Operations- University Recreation
    Together, we will discuss how to manage our work and not let our work manage us. Learn how to be effective at work and achieve our personal and professional goals.

    Road Map to Professional & Personal Success
    Marty Davis, Director of Continuing Education
    Let’s discuss how continuing education can help prepare you for the next level. Topics covered will lead you in the very best position to succeed professionally and personally. 

    Refresh Your Resume: Writing Your Accomplishment Statement
    Lauren Johnson, Associate Director of Career Development
    Do you know how to highlight your key accomplishments? Participants will engage in discussion, and learn how build a pathway to new possibilities at UWG. 

  •  Agenda

    10:00am                        Welcome – Dr. Marrero
    10:10am                        Sustaining Yourself with DevelopWest
    10:40am                        Roadmap of the Day
    10:50am                        Dismiss to TLC
    11:00am – 3:00pm       Wolf Talk Sessions
    10:00am – 1:00pm       Pick-up lunch in the Atrium