Barrier: A combination of concerns about the timing of publication of the academic catalogs and the process for updating their content.
Solution: The Provost Office (under the direction of Dr. Myrna Gantner) led the implementation of new catalog and curriculum software--Acalog and Curriculog, respectively. UWG will complete implementation of the software systems and will begin the process of sharing information out to campus so the systems can fully launch in Fall 2018.

Faculty Toolkit August 2014
Barrier: Faculty needs a way to quickly and easily refer students to the proper resource(s) for common topics.

Extended Leave Replacement August 2014
Barrier: Departments operate inefficiently when an employee has to take an extended leave.

Earlier Distribution of e-tuition Dollars
Barrier: The late distribution of E-tuition dollars makes it difficult for units to utilize funds in ways that most benefit the students who pay those dollars.
Solution: See the recommendation here.

Dual Career Assistance Program
Barrier: Desirable staff and faculty candidates who are considering relocation to UWG may not accept an employment offer if they do not believe career assistance is available for their working partners.
Solution: Establishment of a Dual Career Assistance Program (DCAP) managed through UWG's Office of Community Engagement. DCAP website:

Revised Academic Calendar
Barrier: The current approach to annual scheduling results in confusion in every division of the institution, less instructional time for classes, insufficient time for processing important information (transcripts, diplomas, etc.), insufficient time for students to move between classes, and a lack of breaks during the fall semester.
1. Provost should make the decision about which of the 4 fall options (2016) he prefers. That decision will determine the pattern for future calendars.
2. Once the decision is made, we recommend that he appoint the permanent UWG Academic Calendar Committee. This standing committee will be charged with producing the calendar for the next four years (2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021) and each year thereafter. (Each year, the UWG Academic Calendar Committee will develop the calendar for the next 5th year so that the institution always has calendars established for five years).

Note: the Barrier Team subcommittee consisted of members of the Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, Student Affairs, Auxiliary Services, Academic Affairs, and Business and Financial Services.

Work West Toolkit
Barrier:  The lack of an easily accessible source for important documents, procedures, policies, etc., is a barrier to our operational success.
Solution: Create a centralized website that houses frequently requested forms, policies and procedures beneficial to the larger UWG campus community. See the toolkit.

Internal Communications
Barrier: The declining usefulness and readership of the current Daily Report.
Solution: Replace the Daily Report with a weekly Work West Bulletin; to reduce clutter, the Work West Bulletin focuses on items relevant to faculty, staff and administrators across campus, is issued weekly, and relocates events to a separate calendar platform.

Work West Brochure
Barrier: A lack of knowledge about the full picture of what it's like to "work west" may hamper recruitment of faculty and staff.
Solution: Created a print-on-demand brochure that can be found online by potential hires and/or distributed by departments to candidates for positions. Posted online under "Benefits" at