Welcome to the Cornerstone Course (XIDS 2002) Lab Guide! While each of you has a unique and exciting Cornerstone theme, the Cornerstone Lab is purposed to connect all first-year students with key resources that we know will contribute to your academic success. 

Here, you will find instructions for how to complete each of the three required lab assignments for your Cornerstone Course. Each of the labs is worth 5% of your grade for your Cornerstone Course.

The purpose of the Growth Mindset Cornerstone Lab is to help students practice optimism when faced with unexpected challenges and unknown problems. In other words, perceived failure can lead to greater success. Therefore, we want students to understand that practice (studying) is a necessary part of success and that there are many ways to find support to help practice (study) effectively.

Task: This lab will be completed during an in-class workshop (check your syllabus for workshop dates).

The purpose of the Clarifying Career Purpose Cornerstone Lab is to assist students in confirming that their majors are appropriate and well-suited for the outcomes they expect to receive. In addition, the assessment and subsequent reflection help students explore myriad careers for which they are well suited based on their aptitudes and interests.

Tasks: This lab requires a multi-step process for completion:

  1. Complete the Career Assessment provided in class
  2. Attend in-class workshop (check your syllabus for workshop dates)

The purpose of attending the UWG Career Fair Event is to provide students with an opportunity to explore majors, interact with current faculty and students in those majors, consider graduate schools, and build connections with working professionals from a variety of different companies.

Task: This lab will be completed by attending the Career Fair Event, checking in at the ATP table, and writing a brief reflection on the experience (check your syllabus for the event date).