Please see the below for information on when and who you should contact regarding Alternative Educational Arrangements related to COVID-19.

When to contact the office of Accessibility Services, to discuss possible COVID-19-related Alternative Educational Arrangements:

  • If you have a documented disability or medical condition that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined puts you at high risk for COVID-19, please contact Accessibility Services.
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms and need assistance with classes, please contact Health Services at 678-839-6452 . For assistance with possible Alternative Educational Arrangements, contact Accessibility Services.

When to talk with your professor about an individual exception(s):

  • UWG Accessibility Services can only approve accommodations for student conditions/disability/illness. If you have someone in your home who is considered vulnerable, please speak to your professor, who may choose to make exceptions to course policies as they feel is appropriate to the situation and the course policies. Please note: Your professor may refer you to an advocate in Health Services to confirm your circumstances.

When to contact the Counseling Center if you have anxiety/fear about getting COVID-19:

  • UWG Accessibility Services can only provide accommodations for students that have a documented, specific psychological diagnosis. If you have anxiety/fear about getting COVID-19, the Counseling Center may be able to provide resources and support for students with anxiety, please call Counseling at 678-839-6428 .