University Communications and Marketing (UCM) has worked directly with each of the working groups identified in this plan to document a comprehensive communications plan as UWG moves to open campus for the Fall 2020 term.

It is UWG’s intent to have a single voice as it relates to all communications related to this plan. Therefore, all institutional communications to employees, students, and external community members associated with UWG’s return to work/campus or COVID-19 response will be reviewed and, where appropriate, distributed by UCM.

UWG will further develop guidelines for other intra- and inter-communications with UWG employees and students and our external community to ensure that these communications maintain consistent and appropriate information related to UWG’s response to COVID-19. The primary source of communication and updates will be the university’s COVID-19 response webpage, with secondary sources including emails and social media where appropriate.

USG required details not already listed in this plan for UWG’s communication plan are contained in a separate document that will be submitted with this plan.