The Department of Computing and Mathematics maintains a comprehensive laboratory environment to support teaching and learning. Our labs and classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and provide a flexible computing environment intended to give students the opportunity to learn and experiment with a various tools used in industry today.  The labs also serve to foster community among Computing students as a central space to gather and collaborate on course work and projects.

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Requesting Access

Computer Science (CS) majors who are currently enrolled in CS 1302 or higher-level CS courses may request access to the Advance Computing Lab for CS majors (TLC 1117). Access is provided using the UWG ID card. Upon approval, students are granted 24/7 access to the lab and the TLC building when classes are in session for the duration of the current semester. To request access, please complete the CS Lab Access Request Form (UWG login required).

The CoLab (TLC 2101) and CoDELab (TLC 2138) are available 24/7 when classes are in session, for exclusive use by upper-level CS majors taking 3000/4000-level CS courses, subject to availability.  Please see the following section regarding guidelines for use of these spaces.

Guidelines for Use of CoLabs

  • Upper-level CS majors (enrolled in CS 3/4000 classes) who are granted CS lab access will be able to use these rooms 24/7 when classes are in session, subject to availability.
  • Faculty and student groups wishing to reserve time in one of these rooms should use the room's Google calendar. Simply create an event on your UWG calendar and add the appropriate room to the event:
  • Priority for use of the rooms is as follows:
    • Faculty and/or program activities shall have first priority, regardless of whether a reservation was previously made on the calendar. This may include class project demonstrations, code reviews, faculty-student meetings, program events, student activities organized or co-sponsored by the program, etc.
    • Second priority will be for student academic use and/or CS related student groups (including ACM and ACM-W) when reserved on the room's Google calendar.
    • Third priority will be for individual and/or group use that has not been previously scheduled.
  • Computer Science may restrict card access to the rooms during scheduled events and/or for maintenance purposes. Whenever possible, closures for maintenance will be noted on each room’s Google calendar.

Please contact Edwin Rudolph with any questions or issues regarding the labs, usage, and/or reservations.

Campus Wireless

The UWG Wireless Network provides wireless network access from many areas on campus. All CS labs and office areas are covered by UWG Wireless.