Seamless Integration Team

Seamless Integration Team has been established to explore opportunities for UWG to improve and evolve. A diverse, equitable, and inclusive university community should not be an achievement in the 21st century but rather a standard. This cross-divisional team will make recommendations to the president and other executive leaders to foster an environment in which the panoply of people comprising our university feel an authentic sense of belonging and connectedness in ways that meet the expectations and needs of the many in an ever-changing environment.

  • Dr. Brendan Kelly
  • Dr. Jon Preston
  • Dr. Andre' Fortune
  • Dr. Russell Crutchfield
  • Dr. Lisa Adams
  • Dr. Stacy Boyd
  • Allyson Bretch
  • Dr. Morris Council
  • Dr. Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott
  • Danny Gourley Fischer
  • Deirdre Haywood-Rouse
  • Ashley Lewis
  • Crystal Montes
  • Dr. Natasha Ramsay-Jordan
  • Dr. Andrea Smith
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Rodney Snider
  • Erin Williams, JD
  • Dr. Lara Willox


President’s Community Advisory Council

President’s Community Advisory Council is primarily composed of alumni who engage in DEI work in a variety of professions. It is important for us to take steps in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion, but having an external advisory council with members who have been part of this university community and have expertise in DEI will ensure we live up to best practices that exist not only in higher education but in other industries, as well.