Purpose of Grant 
Graduate student travel awards are available to assist graduate students with registration and travel to conferences where they will present papers. Students in the arts may receive funding to give juried performances or installations.

The Graduate School awards travel grants for currently enrolled graduate and professional degree-seeking students who are attending or presenting research at academic or professional conferences. In cases where an applicant will not be making a presentation, the student statement and the faculty letter of recommendation should explicitly explain the importance of attendance for the student's professional development. Applicants must be in good academic standing, not on provisional status, and have no grades of ‘I’ or ‘U’. Travel must be completed prior to graduation.

Each individual grant has a maximum award value of $500. Funding is provided by the UWG Graduate School.

Submission Guidelines
Applications must be submitted online via application in InfoReady, at westga.infoready4.com. The application should include the following, which will be uploaded to the application in the appropriate area:
1. Student statement
2. Letter of recommendation/support from supporting faculty member
3. If presenting, include documentation of your selection/acceptance as a presenter
4. An estimated budget of expenses for the trip
5. Other financial support received for the trip (grants, travel awards, etc.)

Review Process
Members of the Graduate School Advisory Committee will review proposals. The review process will begin after the posted priority deadline for each semester.
     Spring: February 1*      
     Summer: May 1*      
     Fall: October 13*

*After the above deadlines have passed, awards may still be granted as funding is available. Meeting the priority deadline gives priority consideration for approval.

Notification of Awards
All applicants will be notified via email whether they will or will not receive a travel grant, once all applications have been reviewed. The process of award determination normally takes between three to four weeks from the posted deadline dates. If awarded a travel grant, the money will be awarded as a reimbursement after the conclusion of the trip. Prior to departure, awardees must participate in an orientation to basic travel regulations, online or in person, in order to expedite reimbursement upon their return.

For further information, please contact Alicia Freed, Communications Coordinator for the Graduate School: afreed@westga.edu or 678-839-1393.