Benefit Plan Information 2013


The University System of Georgia Open Enrollment Period for benefits eligible employees and retirees is scheduled for October 15 - November 9, 2012, for changes to be effective January 1, 2013.  If you do not need to make any changes for 2013, there is no action required on your part.  Employees participating in the Flexible Spending Reimbursement Account Plan (FSA) must re-enroll for 2013 if continuing the FSA plan for 2013.  Please note the Health Care Flexible Spending Account maximum is being reduced to $2,500 for 2013.


The links on this page provide access to information that may be beneficial in making decisions regarding your benefits elections for Plan Year 2013.  Resources can also be accessed from the the University System of Georgia benefits website at

Open Access POS Summary 2013

Vendor Directory 2013

BlueChoice HMO Summary 2013

HSA Open Access POS Summary 2013

Kaiser HMO Summary 2013

Dental Plan Booklet 2013

Life Insurance Info 2013

Short Term Disability Overview 2013

Long Term Disability Overview-TRS

Long Term Disability-ORP

Long Term Disability-TRS Option 2

Long Term Disability-ORP Option 2

Retirees FAQs for EGWP Prescription Plan