• Electing Your Benefits
  • Benefits Effective Date
  • Enrolling Dependents
  • Electing Your Benefits

    Electing Your Benefits

    All employees will elect benefits using their personalized ADP Portal. Your personalized portal will be available to you after you complete your orientation and all hiring paperwork is submitted to Human Resources. You will have 30 days from your hire date to elect your benefits.

    If you do not elect your benefits within 30 days of your hire date, you will not be enrolled and you will have the option to elect benefits in the next open enrollment period, which is usually in November, or if you have a qualifying event. If you are hired on the first day of the month and elect your benefits on that first day of the month, your benefits can start that day. If not, your benefits will start on the first day of the following month.

    The only enrollment form you will need to return to Human Resources is your Retirement Election Form; if you do not submit your Retirement Election Form within 60 days, you will automatically be enrolled in the Teachers Retirement Plan. Most other benefit elections will be made on your ADP Portal. The benefits that are not on the ADP Portal are AFLAC, Long Term Care and Legal Shield; let HR know if you are interested any of these plans and you will be provided with the contact information for each vendor.

    Note: The Benefits Summary is designed solely for the purpose of providing information regarding current benefits available at the University of West Georgia to eligible employees. The policies addressed are subject to change at any time. This Benefits Summary is not intended as a legal or binding document, and does not imply or guarantee employment or entitlement to benefits. The University of West Georgia is a unit of the University System of Georgia (USG). The Benefits Summary is not intended to be a substitute for official University System Policy. University System of Georgia benefits information can be found at the USG website.

  •  Benefits Effective Date

    Benefits Effective Date

    New benefits-eligible employees have 30 days from their effective date of employment to enroll in benefits online at the ADP portal.

    Employees will receive an instruction packet from ADP for completing the online benefits enrollment after employment begins. This worksheet is mailed by ADP to the employee’s home address and will list the employee’s deadline date for completing the enrollment.

    Per the USG Board of Regents Policy, new employees enrolling in benefits in their initial employment period (first 30 days of employment) will have benefits become effective on the first day of the following month after enrolling, unless your hire date is the first of the month, which you can elect to have them start on that date if you wish.

  • Enrolling Dependents

    Enrolling Dependents

    Employees must provide required dependent documentation to the UWG Human Resources office for all dependents enrolled in insurance coverage (spouse and children) within 30 days of the start date of employment.

    If the required dependent documentation is not received in Human Resources within this 30 day period, insurance coverage for dependents will be dropped. Please see Dependent Definitions & Document Requirements in your new hire folder for more information.