UWG OHR is excited to announce ePerformance, the OneUSG integrated performance management module, effective August 1, 2022! 

The University of West Georgia (UWG) is committed to enhancing the relationship between managers and employees, focusing on both individual and collective relationships in the workplace. An effective performance management process helps supervisors and employees achieve organizational success, and increases effectiveness and overall organizational performance. The annual performance evaluation is a tool used to assess performance within the last fiscal year, providing the employee and supervisors a platform to assess alignment with institutional values and performance. Check back for more announcements and resources to come!

ePeformance Implementation Schedule

  • FAQ

    What is ePerformance?

    OneUSG PeopleSoft is the human capital management system used across the University System of Georgia and the University of West Georgia.  ePerformance is a performance managment module within OneUSG PeopleSoft. 

    Why ePerformance?

    In the continued effort to be more consistent across the USG, all institutions will move to the ePerformance tool for annual performance evaluations. ePerformance will also integrate with the Careers Module in OneUSG.

    What employee types are evaluated through ePerformance? 

    All staff and managers will utilize the ePerformance module for annual reviews. Faculty and executive leadership annual reviews are completed using a different platform and will not be managed through ePerformance. 

    How will I receive training on ePerformance?

    UWG Office of Human Resources is here to help. OHR will announce training opportunities in June 2022. You may download the USG Performance Factors to familiarize yourself with the rating standards. 

    Is there anything I need to do at this time?

    If you have direct reports, please log in to Manager Self Service (MSS) and ensure that you can view all employees that report to you. If you are missing employees, please contact hrservices@westga.edu. 

    When will my FY2022 evaluation be due?

    The ePerformance module will be available August 1, 2022 for the January 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 performance review cycle.  All managers should complete an annual evaluation no later than September 30, 2022, for each of their direct reports. 

    Why is a self-evaluation important? 

    Participating in self-evaluations helps facilitate an objective and comprehensive review by giving opportunity to the employee to highlight their accomplishments and progress throughout the review period. It can also help to identify gaps in resources and development needs, and establishes a two-way communication with supervisor during review process. 

    What should managers prepare to evaluate during the annual evaluation? 

    • January 2021 – June 30, 2022 Performance 
    • Previous goals/outcomes 
    • FY2023 SMART goal setting
    • Any applicable telework arrangements
    • UWG Conflict of Interest policy

    Is there a preferred browser that I should use for ePerformance?

    While most browsers are compatible with using OneUSG, Chrome works best while navigating through ePerformance. When using OneUSG for any function (entering/approving time, evaluations, ESS/MSS, benefits enrollment, etc.), Chrome is the appropriate browser. Not all links populate easily without repeated refreshing when using IE or Mozilla.

  • Training

    ePerformance Training for Supervisors

    Training opportunities for July to be announced!

    ePerformance Training for Employees

    Training opportunities for July to be announced!

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