The electronic personnel action request (ePAR) is the electronic form to process hiring, pay and termination transactions for all employees.

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    1.  How can I view the workflow routing that will be used for my ePAR transaction?  The workflow diagram can be utilized to view the workflow routing for each pay group.

    2.  Is there a template available to initiate multiple ePAR's at the same time?  No, the system does not offer templates.  Each ePAR must be initiated separately.

    3.  Why does the format of an employee's name appear differently in different fields on the form?  The data that pre-populates on the form is pulled from tables within OneUSG Connect and PeopleSoft.  The format of an employee's name may not be consistent across both systems.

    4.  Why can I not see an ePAR in 'My Tasks' when I know there is one assigned to me because another employee notified me?  You must have attended ePAR training and submitted a security request form to the Center for Business Excellence in order to obtain access to the system.  If you have already done both of these tasks, please contact the ePAR team @ to assist.

    5.  My supervisor is out of the office and an urgent ePAR is awaiting his/her action and must be approved immediately before the payroll deadline.  What should I do?  If your supervisor has access to a computer, he/she can approve the form from off campus.  If the supervisor is not available to approve the form, temporary delegation can be established but the supervisor of your supervisor must approve.  Please contact the ePAR team @ to assist.

    6.  When I enter the position number in the 'OneUSG Position Number' field on the form, none of the data populates in the gray fields and the red alert symbol shows above the fields.  What should I do?  Verify that you have entered the correct position number in the field (8 digits).  If the position number was entered correctly, please contact the ePAR team @ to assist.

    7.  When I open the form using the 'Process' button, I cannot see the section to the right where I can add a comment.  There is an arrow on the far right border of the lower window that allows the comment/history/related documents window to either by shown or hidden.  Click on the arrow to view the hidden section.

    8.  If an initiator is out of the office and I am initiating an ePAR on behalf of them, can they still see the ePAR when they return?  No, the initiator would have no access to the form.  Only those directly in the workflow path will have access to view the form. The 'on behalf of' field is for informational purposes only and does not grant access or redirect the form in any way.

    9. If I am transitioning a student who is paid from a grant account to our departmental budget funds, how will I prepare the paperwork since grants are not processed through ePAR yet?  Submit a paper separation PAR for the grant account and electronic PAR to rehire using the departmental funds.

    10.  Which browser works best for the ePAR system?  We recommend Firefox or Chrome.

    11.  What action do I use for SRAP positions?  SRAP is treated like a regular student transaction.  It routes to the SRAP approver since the position is set-up in the specific SRAP department ID.  If the separation date is different from the normal auto-termination row date used for students, indicate that information in the PAR summary box to notify payroll.  If a student changes from SRAP to regular department funding, a separation and a rehire ePAR is needed to process the change.

    12.  When Payroll process the ePAR for a new hire, do they add the new Employee ID assigned to the form?  If so, can the initiator see the Employee ID that has been added under historical documents?  Yes, they do add it to the form and yes, the initiator should be able to view it under historical documents.

    13.  Where can I find my vacant or filled position numbers?  Position numbers can be found on the Budget Services website (Budget Management Tools > Position Management > Position Numbers-Active) or by using the 'Employee ID and Position Number Report' under the My Reports section in Core Integrator.

    14.  How can I check the status of a previously submitted ePAR form to ensure that it was fully approved and processed?  In the Document Status menu section, click the 'Personnel Action Request' link.  This will show you transactions that you initiated that are currently in process.  You can utilize the filter option to filter on a particular employee name.  If you don't find your transaction in document status, it has finished and can be found in the Historical Documents menu section.  Click on 'Personnel Action Request' link under Historical Documents to see all transactions that have moved to a finished state.

    15.  If the Level 1 approver initiates an ePAR transaction does it then skip that individual at the Level 1 approver level?  Yes, the workflow routing does check to see if the initiator is the Level 1 approver and will bypass if the initiator and Level 1 approver are the same.  The same is true for the Level 2 approver.

    16.  When the "Time and Absence" approver on a new hire is different from the "Reports To" supervisor, should both people be entered on the ePAR?  Yes, the supervisor field on the ePAR is used as the "Reports To" supervisor.  If the "Time and Absence" approver is different, please include this information in the ePAR Summary box.  Please include the employee name and ID for the time and absence approver.

  • Training

    Please register for ePAR instructor led sessions through DevelopWest.


  • Forms

    To request access to the ePAR system:

    All completed forms should be sent to the Center for Business Excellence, Row Hall Room 317.