Department Head's Guide to Human Resources


The President, Vice Presidents and Deans understand that department heads and supervisors need guidelines in order to effectively recruit, hire, and promote classified employees. Since laws concerning employment issues are constantly changing, it is important that we keep our policies up to date and keep our department heads abreast of them. This first handbook is an effort to begin to develop consistent policies and procedures that reflect federal and state laws as well as Board of Regents policies. Hopefully this guide will prove to be a useful tool to department heads as well as begin to establish uniform policies and procedures for our classified personnel. It is anticipated other similar guides will follow in areas such as performance appraisals, progressive discipline, grievances, etc.

One of our most important resources at the University of West Georgia is our classified personnel. The Board of Regents defines classified personnel as those employees who are not identified as faculty. There are two types of classified employment:

  • professional and administrative and
  • staff

Professional and administrative employees are paid monthly and are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Staff employees are paid hourly and not exempt from the FLSA. Being non-exempt entitles employees to receive additional compensation for all hours worked over 40 hours each week.

This guide addresses the following areas:

  • Recruitment  
    Preparing Job Announcement, Advertising, Employee Selection, Reviewing Applications, Interview Guidelines, Prohibited Interview Subjects, Interviewing Person With Disabilities, Reference Checking, and Job Offer.
  • Employment of Non-Citizens
  • Exhibits 
    Monthly Salary Supplement, Bi-Weekly Salary Supplement, Position Description, Exempt Pay Plan, Non-Exempt Pay Plan, Pre-Employment Drug Testing Positions, Applicant Clearinghouse Form, Samples of Interview Evaluation Forms, and Rejection Codes.