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    How do I reset my password?
    Please contact the Shared Services Center for password resets: (855) 214-2644, helpdesk@ssc.usg.edu

    Is my pay information available online?
    Electronic delivery of confidential pay information is more secure, cost effective, and environmentally friendly than using paper pay statements. The HR/Payroll System provides secure access to your pay information via ADP’s Self-Service Portal. First time users may register at https://portal.adp.com/public/index.htm.

    What else can I do through my ADP Self Service Portal?
    Self Service provides UWG employees with personal access to job and benefits related information including the ability to:

    • Report and approve time and leave
    • View and print paycheck information
    • Update Federal tax withholding
    • Update direct deposit information
    • Maintain current address, email or phone numbers
    • View benefits enrollments
    • View dependent data
    • Initiate changes regarding marital status or dependent status

    When will I be able to see the current pay period statement?
    Your online pay statements will be available on your scheduled pay date. In many cases, the online pay statement may be available a couple of days before the actual pay date, although the funds will not be in your account and available for spending until the actual pay date.

    Can I view pay statements from prior pay periods?

    Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my online pay statement?
    You may contact our Shared Services Center at (478)240-6500 or send an email to payroll at payroll@westga.edu.

    How is my overtime calculated?
    Overtime is paid at the rate of one and one-half (1 ½) times an employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a standard work week. “Hours worked” refers to the amount of time actually worked in a standard work week. Paid time off for sick leave, vacation, or holidays is not included in hours worked for the determination of overtime.

    Can I get an advance on my paycheck?
    Advance payments are not permitted.


    How do I make corrections to my time or leave reported?
    Prior to submitting your timesheet you can go back into it and retype the correct information. After you submit it, but prior to your supervisor approving it, you can request your supervisor return it to you. After it has been approved, your supervisor will need to contact payroll for corrections.

    Who completes my timesheet if I am on Family Medical Leave?
    Your supervisor will need to work with payroll and human resources to ensure your time worked or leave is properly recorded.

    Do I need to complete by time on a daily basis?
    It is recommended you record time worked and leave taken on a daily basis to help ensure accuracy, but not required

    How do I enter my time if there is inclement weather and the university closes?
    Benefited Employees:
    The Payroll team will perform a mass edit for all benefited employees. The mass edit will insert an 'Unscheduled Closing' leave code for all time pertaining to the closure. The compensated time for the closure will be determined based on the length of university closure. Employees will not be able to enter this time on your own.

    An email notification will be sent to the campus when the mass timecard edits have been completed.

    If you work during the closure, your manager/supervisor will need to send an email to payroll@westga.edu with your name, ADP number and date/time worked so that your timecard can be adjusted appropriately to reflect actual time worked. These actions can only be performed by Payroll. We will need to be informed of all employees who work during the closure.

    Non-Benefited Employees:
    Non-Benefited employees will need to complete their timecards for actual hours worked only. Managers may offer alternate work schedules for non-benefited employees to make up time for the closure


    What is Direct Deposit?
    Employees can authorize the University of West Georgia to directly wire your paycheck to your specified bank using a checking or savings account.

    Why aren’t Social Security and Medicare being withheld from my paychecks?
    If you are a full-time student at the University of West Georgia and work for the University of West Georgia, then you are exempt from paying Social Security and Medicare. A fulltime student is an undergraduate student taking at least 12 credits and a graduate student taking at least 6 credits.

    What are the maximum number of hours a student can work per week?
    Student employees, including International Students, are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year (40 hours per pay period) and no more than 40 hours per week (80 hours per pay period) during the summer and semester breaks. These hour restrictions must be followed regardless of the number of on-campus jobs held by the student.

    Violation of this policy can result in disciplinary action for the student and the supervisor.

    Will I get paid if my time is submitted late?
    It is imperative that your timesheet is turned in timely to assure being paid on pay day. Depending upon when the timesheet is turned in, it may be delayed until next pay day, especially if the payroll is done being processed.

    What if I turned in the wrong hours?
    The correct hours can be adjusted on the next pay date if a revised timesheet is approved by your supervisor and submitted to payroll in a timely manner!


    What is the current payroll calendar? What are the cutoff dates to submit PARS or forms?
    The current payroll calendars are located here.

    What do I do if an employee isn’t on my list of people to approve and s/he should be?
    Please send an email to payroll@westga.edu.

    Do I have to approve time for each of my employees?
    Timesheets must be approved for all student, work study, temporary, and classified employees who have worked during the current pay period, as well as, all exempt and faculty employees who have taken leave during the current pay period. Graduate students on academic assistantships such as RAs and TAs should have schedules entered for ACA purposes and their schedules will need to be approved each pay period.

    What if I am on sick leave or vacation and have no access to a computer to approve time?
    You can establish a proxy at any time for just such an occasion. If a proxy was not established or is also unexpectedly unavailable contact Payroll Services.

    As a supervisor, will I be notified if my employee’s time isn’t complete?
    E-mail reminders will be sent to you and your employee to assist in meeting the deadlines.

    What happens if I miss/forget to time approval deadline?
    You may have employees who do not get paid. Every effort must be made to approve time and leave reports or set up a proxy in your absence.