Performance Evaluations

Employee performance of classified employees is evaluated from April 1, 2015- December 31, 2015 (please note that this has changed from fiscal to calendar year).  This will provide an opportunity to improve employee performance by:

  1. Evaluating the employee’s past performance in relation to the expectations and goals established for the position.
  2. Identifying and discussing the employee’s strengths and areas needing improvement as they relate to competencies.
  3. Reviewing and discussing employee professional/career development plans.
  4. Beginning the new Performance Management Process.

Competencies and Rating Scales

The evaluation form has space for comments to be made for each competency.  Using the definitions below, please check the appropriate box to rate the employee’s level of performance.

  • Significantly Exceeds Expectations:  Work performance that is consistently superior and is seldom equaled in overall contribution. This is reflected by accomplishments well beyond expectations.  These conditions exist on a continual rather than occasional basis.  Provide justification in comment section. 
  • Exceeds Requirements:  Work performance exceeds specific job requirements in most areas    of responsibility.  Accomplishments are above expected levels, andemployee sustains uniformly high performance.  Provide justification in comments section.
  • Meets Requirements: Work performance that consistently completes job tasks as expected in terms of quality and schedule.  Performance can be described as solid and fully competent in all aspects of job content and expectations.  We highly recommend that you provide justification in comments section.
  • Needs Improvement: Work performance that sometimes fails to meet the standards for the tasks.  Performance is below minimum job requirements; improvement is essential. If an employee is given a “Needs Improvement” rating in any area, we strongly suggest that a written PRP Performance recovery Plan should be in place.    Provide justification in comments section.
  • Unsatisfactory: Work performance fails to meet the standards for the tasks.  Improvement is required within a specified period to maintain employment.  If an employee is rated “Unsatisfactory” in any area, the supervisor is to contact Human Resources prior to assigning an employee this rating.  Immediate improvement is essential, and the employee must be on a documented Performance Recovery Plan. Provide justification in comments section.

Self-Evaluation Forms

Employees are encouraged to use the Self-Evaluation Form for use in their performance conversations with their supervisors. This is an opportunity for employees to showcase their achievements with their Managers/Supervisors. Employees can access the self- evaluation forms by clicking on the following link

Performance Evaluation Steps

  1. Schedule Performance Evaluation Meeting.
  2. Request Self-Evaluation Form (optional).
  3. Conduct Meeting
    1. SMART Goals & Expectations
    2. Review Developmental Plan 
    3. Determine Performance Ratings
  4. Complete Performance Evaluation Form.
  5. Evaluator and employee sign final evaluation form.
  6. Evaluator sends evaluation to reviewer for approval.
  7. Evaluator sends copy of final document to employee.
  8. Evaluator sends final document to Human Resources.
  9. Human Resources will conduct final review.

Human Resources Contact

If you have any questions, need guidance or request training please contact Human Resources at 678-839-6403.