Thank you for your interest in supporting international students at UWG.

UWG's primary student scholarship development program is called "A Day To Give West" or "A-Day" for short. The annual "A Day" campaign, established in 1982, as well as more than 1,450 UWG Giving Opportunities across all departments are managed by the UWG Foundation via their Give West website.  The "A Day" campaign takes place every Fall, but you may support foundation accounts any time during the year.

Which fund supports international students?

  • 0721 International Studies Fund
  • This fund was set up by the Carrollton Civic Women's Club as an Emergency Fund in support of their motto, "Planting the Seeds of Service in our Community". ISAP awards up to $400 per year to an international student based on an application and critical, unforeseen situations.

How can I donate to this fund?

  1. Visit UWG's Online Giving Form. In the "Additional designations instructions or comments" box, type in:  0721 International Studies Fund. 
  2. Complete the rest of your donor information and submit.