Earn Your Degree From Anywhere in the World!

Online courses remove borders, travel expenses and visa requirements.   

UWG Online or USG eCampus may need to verify your eligibility and readiness for an online program prior to your application, depending on degree level and other factors. 


Frequently Asked Questions

There are over 30 online degree programs offered by UWG Online. The USG's eCampus platform offers dozens of individual courses and full degree programs as well.  

Please Be Aware:

  • International students outside the U.S. are only eligible for "fully online" programs that require no on-campus visits.
  • In addition, some countries do not permit online education. Before you apply, please confirm eligibility with UWG Online.

Yes. Whether you complete your degree online or on-campus, your diploma or transcript will reflect the institution where you enrolled.

Online: approximately $622-823 per course (online tuition + limited fees) 

Ecore: $159 per credit hour, regardless of residency or location

Ecampus: $199 per credit hour, regardless of residency or location

On-campus: approximately $2,560 per course (non-resident tuition + full fees)

Online courses don't require the same expenses many on-campus students face such as: a personal vehicle, fuel and insurance for a personal vehicle, housing, meal plans, higher non-resident tuition, various campus fees for facilities and services you won't use. Online courses are charged at the general tuition rate plus an eTuition rate only.

No. Pre-payment for all courses is required.

No. You won't be entering the US to take classes.


Please refer to individual online degree requirements to confirm.


Yes, in your country but not in the U.S.

Many students choose online education specifically so they can continue current employment in their home country and save money on extra costs of travel and life in another country.


Not Advised. Hybrid courses require in-person meetings or instruction on campus from time to time. Therefore, a visa would be required to travel to the U.S.

Some students use a B1 Visitor visa to temporarily enter the U.S. for this purpose. However, B category visas are intended for business meetings or pleasure only.

To avoid problems with visa regulations at the U.S. port of entry, we advise selecting a degree program that is 100% online and would not require any travel to the U.S. as a student.


To ensure you meet admissions standards, all academic credit earned outside the U.S. for high school or university must be evaluated by a foreign credential evaluation service.

  • If original records are not in English, an official translation is also required.
  • Self-translations and self-evaluations of academic credentials will not be accepted.
  • For a list of approved foreign credential evaluation services, select a member of NACES or AICE. Allow several weeks for your transcripts to be processed and sent directly to UWG Online admissions. Many of the members also provide official translation services.

Applicants whose native language is not English must document English language proficiency via one of the exam options below:

  • TOEFL ibT: Internet-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language: 69 total | UWG School Code = 5900, or
  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System: 6.0 overall, or
  • Pearson PTE: Pearson Test of English: 53 total
  • For undergraduate (bachelor) degree programs, official SAT or ACT scores may be required.
  • For graduate (masters or doctoral) degree programs, GRE or GMAT scores may be required.
  • Refer to specific admissions requirements for your program of interest, or contact UWG Online. If you are interested in on-campus degree programs, contact ISAP.