What is a waiver? It's like a scholarship. U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents living permanently in Georgia pay lower "in-state tuition." Non-Georgia residents from other states and countries pay much higher "out-of-state tuition." The maximum waiver allows non-Georgia residents, including international students, to pay "in-state tuition." See the value example below.

Exceptions to this waiver information include the following categories.

  • International Graduate Student Waivers: administered by the Graduate School.
  • Domestic Student Waivers: administered by UWG Admissions.
  • Exchange Visitor Waivers (J1 Student): administered by the office of Education Abroad.
  • Partner University Waivers: administered separately by ISAP. See the end of this page for more information.

Value Example:

Based on 1 semester, full-time enrollment of 12 credit hours.

  • Georgia Resident rate: $2185
  • Out-of-State & International Student rate: $7712
  • Value of Presidential (100%) Out-of-State Tuition Waiver for 1 academic year / 2 semesters: $11,054

Note: There is a limited quantity of out-of-state tuition waivers!


Academic Waivers are limited in supply and competitive. Waivers that are not awarded upon initial application to UWG require a separate application after satisfactory academic performance. Awardees are also expected to fully contribute to student life and leadership opportunities at UWG.

  • Only students in active F1 status are eligible.
  • All international students are classified as non-residents, regardless of residency time in Georgia, or ownership of property or a business in Georgia.
  • Failure to maintain academic requirements based on end of term institutional GPA will result in waiver probation the following semester.
  • If the GPA doesn't meet eligibility requirements at the end of the probation semester, the student will not be eligible for a waiver the following semester.
  • The institutional GPA, not transfer GPA, is the basis for all waiver considerations.
  • Waivers are awarded annually and renewable prior to each Fall if a new waiver application is submitted.

Waiver Renewal Priority

  • 1st Priority: Continuing students with a current waiver.
  • 2nd Priority: New students
  • 3rd Priority: Continuing students without a waiver who become waiver-eligible upon strong academic performance at UWG.

Waiver Amounts & Criteria

EBRW = Evidence Based Reading & Writing combined score on the Revised SAT (RSAT).

Presidential Aware (100% Out of State Waiver


  • RSAT: EBRW - 600, Math - 570
  • ACT: English - 24, Math -24

Minimum to Maintain Waiver Award: 3.25 GPA.

Scholastic Award (50% Out of State Waiver)


  • RSAT: EBRW - 540, Math – 530
  • ACT: English - 20, Math - 20

Minimum to Maintain Waiver Award: 3.00 GPA.

Academic Award (25% Out of State Waiver)


  • RSAT: EBRW - 480, Math - 450
  • ACT: English - 17, Math - 17

Minimum to Maintain Waiver Award: 2.8 GPA.

Apply for the Waiver

  • Fill out and submit the International Student Out-of-State Tuition Waiver Application.
  • Attach a copy of your current resume.
  • Attach a thoughtfully and well-written, 1-page, double-spaced personal statement that describes the merits of your application and how the waiver will benefit your studies at UWG. You should also provide documentation of any claims you make in the statement regarding personal hardships or circumstances. Short, brief, paragraph level statements are inadequate, including renewal applications.

Partner Universities

Transfer students from partner universities (Reformed University and ZUEL) will receive a 50% out-of-state tuition waiver upon admission to UWG. No reapplication is needed to continue to receive the waiver each term enrolled so long as a 2.5 GPA requirement is maintained. If your GPA falls below this standard, your waiver will not be provided until the 2.5 GPA minimum is met again.