Accessing Banner 9

  • Will Banner 9 work on mobile devices?
    Banner 9 works on large-screen mobile devices such as tablets and iPads, but does not display correctly on smartphones.
  • How do I access Banner 9 from off campus?
    You must use the VPN to be able to access Banner 9 from off campus. Please refer to the instructions for setting up a VPN connection.
  • Can I still access Banner 8 forms?
    No. Access to the Banner 8 forms will be disabled once the Banner 9 forms are activated.

Banner 9 Changes

  • Does the change impact Banner Self-Service?

    Banner Self-Service will not be impacted at this time. Only users of Banner Admin (Banner INB) will see a change.

    ITS will install the new Self-Service Applications in the test environment after Banner 9 Admin functionality has been implemented. The UWG Student Information Systems Steering Committee will define a prioritized implementation schedule for the new Self-Service Application.

  • Does data have to be migrated between Banner 8 and 9?

    No. There are no changes to the Banner database.

    Both Banner 8 and Banner 9 access the same database and the forms will have the same data points. However, the form fields may be laid out differently in Banner 9.

    All Banner jobs and data interfaces will continue to function as designed.

  • Will any functionality be lost in Banner 9?
    No. There will be cosmetic changes and some processes may differ, but no functionality will be lost.


  • What do I do if I get an error with Application Navigator? How do I continue?

    The following are general steps to resolve issues. If errors continue or these steps do not resolve your issue, please refer to specific errors detailed in following sections below.

    • Ensure your web browser is set to allow popup messages.
    • An error message will popup. If the message includes specific instructions, follow those.
    • Navigate to the Application Navigator home page and refresh your browser.
    • Open a new private browsing tab or window, or exit and restart your browser.
  • I'm getting a "Page Not Found" error. What should I do?
    • Select the link at the top of the window that contains the server name (e.g. Application Navigator Home). This will return you to the Application Navigator page.
    • Refresh your browser.
  • I'm getting an "Invalid Username or Password" error. What should I do?
    • Restart your browser.

    This typically happens when you haven't used the system in a while. You have been automatically logged out.

  • How do I document errors?
    • Record the date and time your error occured along with the server name that appears at the top of the window (e.g. Application Navigator Home (Production) - banner-app).
    • Send the information to
  • I'm having trouble logging into AppNav, what should I do?
    • Verify that you are using your correct UWG username and password.
    • If that does not correct the issue, clear your browser's cache. (Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete in a PC web browser [Option + Command + e on iOS Safari] to bring up a window/new tab that will allow you to clear the browser's cache)
    • Close all open browser tabs and windows and retry.
  • I have been told to clear my browser cache after each upgrade. What is the easiest way to do that?

    Users can press Ctrl + Shift + Delete on their desktop or laptop keyboard to open the window that will allow them to clear their cache.

  • How do I access the Ellucian Self-Help Portal (aka Ellucian Hub)?

    Ellucian's Self-Help Portal is open to all banner users after registering for an Ellucian HUB account.

  • Will I experience any downtime with the move to Banner 9?

    UWG is able to run Banner 8 and Banner 9 concurrently during the upgrade process. There is no expected downtime during working hours.

  • What are the implications for integration with Ellucian DegreeWorks?

    The Banner 9 Administrative Applications and Self-Service Applications continue to work seamlessly with Ellucian DegreeWorks.

  • What browser(s) does Banner 9 support?

    Google Chrome is the preferred browser, but Banner 8 forms can only be utilized with Internet Explorer. You should be able to use any browser with Banner 9 such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari with Banner 9.

  • Can I open more than one session of Banner 9?

    Yes. You can have multiple sessions open by login through multiple tabs, windows, and/or different browsers.

  • Can I run multiple instances of Banner Admin pages within Application Navigator?

    Yes, either within the same browser or different browsers.

  • Can I run multiple instances of the Application Navigator?

    Yes, although if you are in a separate web browser for each instance, only one of the browser instances can run Banner Self-Service.

  • Can I access all the forms in Application Navigator that I currently have permission to access?

    Yes. You will have exactly the same permission as you had under Banner 8.

  • Why did my session expire?

    In order to optimize performance and response time, Banner 9 will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  •  Where can I go to get more familiar with Banner 9?

    A Banner 9 environment has been created to allow current Banner users to experience Banner 9.

  •  Cannot SSH or Copy Files to Banner Host for Forms Upload

    SCP/SFTP/SSH problems to the Banner host are one of two issues:

    • Not in the proper group (new user).
    • Bad permissions on the Banner host (name change).

    Please submit a ServiceDesk Ticket and let ITS-EAS resolve this issue.

Banner 9 Functionality

  • Does the % still work on the lookups?

    Yes, you will still be able to use wildcard searches in lookups, though you may not need to use them all the time. There is a new feature in Administrative Banner called "Auto-Complete" which provides a list of items that match what you are typing - assuming the wildcard in both the beginning and end.

  • Can I control my user preferences in Banner 9 like I can in Banner 8?

    Users are unable to create custom color schemes or add custom links to their main page in Banner 9.

  • Where can I find the items that were available under the Banner 8 Options dropdown menu?

    Banner 9 has separated these items out into two separate dropdown menus: Related and Tools. The Related menu contains the related pages that were previously listed under options and the Tools menu contains the actions that were listed there.

  • Is there an Options Menu to bring you to associated forms Banner?

    Yes, there is still a means to get to associated pages, now called "Related to Current". This is accessed via the 'Go To' menu.

  • How do I get more records to display on a page in Banner 9?

    Banner 9 gives you the option of displaying fewer or more records on the screen for certain pages. Select the Per Page dropdown at the bottom of the list of records on these screens to control the number of records displayed. Please note that your choice is not retained upon exiting the page.

  • From within a page, can you navigate from section to section without using the mouse?

    Yes, you will be able to navigate from section to section using the PageUp and PageDown keys.

  • I have set up my frequently used forms under My Banner. Will this continue to work?

    Yes, My Banner is still available. Enter 'my banner' in the search field on the Welcome page to access your list of pages.

  • Will my keyboard shortcuts continue to work?

    Some keyboard shortcuts will work. Others had to be changed. This is because Administrative Banner is completely internet based where keystrokes are already in use.

    Please refer to the Ellucian Banner Keyboard Shortcuts document [PDF] for more information.

  • How do I navigate to sections without using a mouse?

    Use the PageUp and PageDown keys.

  • Is there any way to speed up a Person Search?

    Yes, you can speed up a person search and have your results returned quickly by using the "Advanced Filter" option and changing the operand from "contains" (the default) to "equals." Contains takes a lot longer and returns many more results because it looks for so much more.

    For example, if you enter "Smith" and retain the operand "contains," your results will include Silversmith, Goldsmith, Smithberg, Smithson, etc. "Equals" will give you a more targeted person search.

  • What is the Application Navigator?

    Application Navigator (AppNav) provides a single web page to access both the forms (now pages) and self-service menus. Selecting the menu icon in the upper left corner (as shown below) or pressing Ctrl + M (Windows) or Control + M (Macintosh) will bring up links to all the Banner menus.

    Application Navigator is only for Administrators who currently use the ~Banner Forms. If you only use Banner Student (faculty and students) continue to use Banner Student and not the Application Navigator.