• Introduction

    Banweb is the web interface to our student information system. Your userid is your social security number and your initial PIN is the last 2 digits of your birth year followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number. Once you are logged in, you can find your class roles and other information. On the Class List page, you can download a copy of your class list that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet, or even specially formatted to subscribe your students to a class listserv.

    You may access Banweb after logging into MyUWG at http://myuwg.westga.edu. Once logged in, simply click on the "BanWeb" tab.

    Faculty and Staff may also access Banweb at https://westga.gabest.usg.edu/ssomanager/saml/login?relayState=/c/auth/SSB


    Banner is similar to Banweb, however, some departments may still use Banner for some specific functions. If you need a Banner account, please have your supervisor fill out the Banner Account Request Form located on the main Banner page in the box to the right labeled "Banner Access".

    For Banner training information, please send an email to banner7@westga.edu and we will arrange a training session for you.

  • Logging In

    Step 1
    Go to MyUWG at http://myuwg.westga.edu.

    Step 2
        Enter in your User Name and password.

    Step 3
        Click on the BanWeb tab.

    Problems Logging Into MyUWG:

    • If you don't know your User Name, follow the link for "How do I get a user name and password?"
    • If you don't know your password, follow the link for "Lost your password?".


    • If you use the https://westga.gabest.usg.edu/ssomanager/saml/login?relayState=/c/auth/SSB option, to use the "Forgotten Pin" option you must type in you user id and then press the "Forgotten Pin" button. This also requires that you have previously setup the security question and answer in banweb.
    • To setup the security question and answer, login to banweb either through the portal or by banweb.westga.edu. If you use banweb.westga.edu and the security question is not already set up you will be prompted to create it. If the question and answer has been setup OR you are accessing banweb via myuwg, after you have logged in to banweb either through banweb.westga.edu or myuwg then navigate to "Personal Information" Then choose "Change Security Question" to change your security question and answer.