General Information

At UWG, some instructors may require that you purchase and use Scantron Test Sheets for many of their tests. These testing sheets are available for purchase in the campus bookstore.

The scanner which processes the data from the test sheets is very sensitive to stray marks or damage to the test sheet. A clean, flat sheet ensures accurate test results.

When using the scantron test sheets, be sure to:

  • Use only soft (no. 2) pencils for all marks.
  • All answers should fill the block completely.
  • For erasures, please be sure to clearly erase. No smudges or smears.
  • Mark your student identification number accurately and completely in the space provided.
  • Mark your full name accurately and completely in the space provided (for the full sheets.)
  • Do not crumple, fold or put staples in the test sheet.
  • Take care to avoid tearing or excessive wear, particularly around the edges.


The examples below illustrate the correct way to complete the identification area of the Scantron Test Sheets. The identity information required depends on the sheet you are required to use. The full sheets require your name and student ID to be included while the small sheets only require your student ID.

In either case, be sure to complete the blocks clearly and completely. Below are some examples of common problems.

A B 
Example A is correct.  Example B has two blocks filled for the same column.
This test sheet will not scan.  
Example C has an empty column in the middle of other completed columns.
This test sheet will not scan. 
 Scantron Example A  Scantron Eample B  Scantron Example C

Test Scanning Services

We accept 2 types of scantrons:

  1. 229629: Small Sheet
  2. 229633: Full Sheet

Both types are available in the Campus Bookstore.

Note:  The College of Education and Richards College of Business also offer self-service exam scanning. You will need to contact them directly for details as to the types of scantrons their equipment can scan.